Psycho-Pass episode 18: Corrupted


This episode was a little slower than what we usually expect from an episode of Psycho-Pass, but I can easily come to term with them since the episode was an important prelude to the final showdown of the show. You just have to have build ups from time to time, the show cannot be going at 120% every episode otherwise the story would exhaust itself. Now this episode we just got to see the full corruption of the Sybil system, it wasn’t even implied anymore, it was a given that the system had to be vanquished because their definition of the law was too corrupted for any inspector to have the slightest belief in it anymore.


Now to more technical stuff, this episode was a lot weaker in term of quality than what we were used to see. The director of Psycho-Pass, Shiotani Naoyoshi, personally apologize for the low quality. They did say that they would remake the episode in the future, most likely for the Blu-Ray release. At least it is good to know that the director is aware that this episode quality wasn’t as great as we are used to for the show. There were some times where the mouth animations and the talking were not in sync and in the scene where Kogami and Masaoka were talking together the face of Masaoka talked out of sync at certain occasion and the facial expression were nearly non-existent. I’m glad to hear that the Blu-Ray release will be redone to the show standard high quality and I hope that future episode won’t suffer from this problem.

low quality

Back to the story, I am pleasantly surprised to see just awesome and badass Akane has become. I still remember when she just joined the team and was a frail and insecure newby and now not only a couple month later she rules the place like nobodies business. Ginoza looks like a bitch compared to her and it’s not like Ginoza isn’t stepping up his game lately either. The chief has become tyrannical and everyone has started to realize that something is wrong with this society. Makishima can really be proud of himself, he did manage to turn the system completely around.

ginoza ball

Now Kogami ran away and I’m sure everyone at the department will eat a lot of shit for that, but at least there is someone free from the manipulative system to stop Makishima. I’m still unsure if Kogami will really kill Makishima outright or if they will work together for a while to destroy the Sybil system, but I really hope that we will see them together at some point. I do realize that it seems impossible for it to happen considering Kogami’s current state of mind, but I just feel like there is this constant foreshadowing of it happening. I just want it to happen and see all the yaoi fantasy of it after…I mean…*cough*.

real gun

The episode wasn’t the greatest as a stand alone, let’s be honest. Yet it sure manage to captivate me enough and it was a necessary step to continue the story in the epic path it has been set from the very beginning. I think it is fair to expect absolute greatness from every single episode from now on.

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