Psycho-Pass episode 19: Sybil’s Weakness


I was expecting for the action to begin this episode, looks like I was wrong, it was another episode of clue gathering and general knowledge of their world. Funnily enough, I still had no clue that the Sybil System nation was in japan and I didn’t had any idea what kind of relation the nation had with other countries. It is really difficult to believe that a country like this one was able to function self-sufficiently like that and it even manage to block off any and all communication with the exterior. You just need one crazy asshole to come to the island with something completely unconstitutional with the system and everything could crash down to piece. When you think about it, it’s pretty much what happened with the only outsider we ever saw on the show. Makishima’s last colleague was only a hair away from destroying the whole system in one go.


It is really difficult to understand how such a system manage to take form and continue to operate this way for this long, even more so when you realize all the underground of the system that we are shown lately. The 2chan like blog that operate with the now useless journalist and writers, the mono-crop plantation that are responsible for 99% of the food of the population, the weakness of the security given by Sybil. It just seems like this system was just a fragile Utopia that turned into a dystopia without anyone realizing it. It just seems like anyone with a right mind would complete hate this society if the truth was revealed about it…and yet the Sybil Consortium are about to tell everything to Akane.

hammer of justice

I am so confused by this move, I know that it is the complete system that have agreed to this decision, but it just sound completely insane to me. I know that she is completely the sanest person around and that she is pro system and really loyal and cooperative in general, but this is just pushing their luck to far. If Akane really goes to work for the system and goes against Kogami…this show’s ending might be even more fucked up and intense than what I would have believed. Akane is in love with Kogami, it is obvious, even if she has a cold heart and she is dutiful, I doubt that there is any way she would kill him only to follow her sense of justice.

kogami gonna kill you

On a more technical note, I am glad to see that last week events and drop of quality was only a one time deal and that it seems the situation won’t occur again. For a moment I was scared that the issue would repeat for a couple weeks and consider the awesomness of this show I would have been extremely sad if it would have been the case. Now I just want to see how awesome the show will get and I want to have Makishima back into the show…that guy is seriously awesome even if he is a mad anarchist with issues.

ZeroGhj signing off

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