Psycho-Pass episode 2: Future Utopia

Let me begin with this, the Opening was incredible. It has been so long since I saw such a serious and dark opening, something that was deeper and more elegant than average. It made me feel and believe I was about to witness a masterpiece, it made me believe that Psycho-Pass will be remembered as a classic in the future.

Having said that, I don’t think just yet that this show will be a masterpiece that will be engraved in the minds of all who have watched it. The show is certainly good, the universe is awesome, but I have yet to see a story good enough to grant this show a place in the vast history of anime. The show is beautiful, the characters are all deep and interesting and you know that this is no kid show, drama will happen at some point and people will die, but even more than death, I expect this show to make us think about the world we live in and to reveal to us some important morals and judgement about the world.

even in the future japanese love stuff with tentacles

Even if the show was to fail with those things, it already succeeded in awing me from the fabulously evolved and well thought science-fiction elements. I’m an avid fan of science-fiction and Psycho-Pass is one of the best I’ve seen in a long time. Science-fiction is not just about cool spaceship and laser gun, it can be and should be much more than that. The daily life of everyone is incredibly changed in this show, I am still uncertain how it works, but it seems that their life is manly holographic. They select their holographic clothing, their room can change design holographically and just about everything aesthetic seems to be generated only virtually. I still am unsure how those clothing work, if you put on some kind of generic clothes and the rest is virtually represented, or if you actually feel the changes of clothes, but it could also be that everyone is simply walking around naked and their clothes are only virtual and everyone simply get really frisky during the winter time.

I never believed those were the serious official police uniform

After all, this world is completely decided by a single A.I system called Sybil. That one program decides the right from the wrong. It monitors everyone and decides if they are apt for work and civil activities or if they are a nuisance to the well-being of everyone else. I still cannot decide if this world is a utopia or a dystopia. I guess it really depends on how strict Sybil is. Freedom is an important part of life, but give humanity too much freedom and they start killing each other. Just how much freedom does everyone has? Is this system a good thing since people can life such easy and happy life? Or is it insane since people like Kagari can be determined inapt and sentenced for seclusion for his entire life? Just how mess up a system can be that it will essentially imprison a 5 years old for things he has yet to do.

I really want to see more from this show, it has great potential and depending on how it evolves, it could become one of the many amazing success of this season.

ZeroGhj signing off

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