Psycho-Pass episode 20: A nice game of tag

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We are playing an extreme version of a game of tag here. Makishima is on his way to destroy the system, meanwhile Kogami is running after him because he wants to kill the guy, the first division is running after Kogami because it is their job, Akane is running the first division now because she has to catch Makishima to save Kogami’s life and the Sybil system is manipulating Akane to stop Makishima from destroying their system. I think we just went full circle. The fun thing about this game of tag is that there will be no real winner no matter who finish first.

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Makishima might get a kick by destroying society, but in the end he won’t live long enough to see it burn either. Meanwhile even if Kogami kills Makishima, he will only get killed by the society he tried to protect, Akane will only achieve to get everything back the way it used to and the Sybil system lost so much already that at this point it is only cutting on its lost. Watching games with no winners and only losers is definitively one of the most entertaining thing to watch.

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I was really confused last time to learn that the Sybil system decided they would tell their secret to Akane and I was certain that there would be some kind of trap to that, that something wrong would happen because of it. Yet it seems that while Akane absolutely hate what she discovers, she doesn’t want to condone it or destroy it and now she has agreed to become Sybil’s tool if it meant she could save the man she love this way. Which is actually something quite special when you think about it. I’m used to see scenarios where guys are fighting to protect the girl they love, but it might be one of the first time I’ve seen such a strong female lead that was actually doing the complete opposite.

truth revealed

Akane didn’t leave a weak impression either, she straight up confronted the very foundation of the political system of the city and she’s put her life on the line for her part of the bargain to be taken into consideration. I must admit that I am most suspicious about the final outcome that this trade will result in, after all the Sybil system is made out entirely of criminals and sociopath, therefore it is doubtful that their word mean much in the end. I know that they have converged their mind to become a single entity, but if every member of that collaboration is a complete asshole, I doubt that the whole can be anything else but as untrustworthy as the sum of its parts.


The last thing that particularly caught my eye this episode is the multitude of flashbacks and inner reflection that Akane had after she was told the truth. It was really interesting to have an anime actually interpret someone’s inner thought and inner conflict. Usually those things are reflected on the characters actions, or some character will have monologues, but you rarely get to see what kind of thought, memories and reason make a character come to their decision. To be actually able to see her thought process was refreshing and I must admit that I was pleased with the way it was presented.


There are now only two more episodes of Psycho-Pass and the showdown is sure to be quite something, I doubt that anyone will come out of this unscarred, either physically or mentally.

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