Psycho-Pass episode 21: Makishima’s final trap

makishima knife

I knew that this episode would cut on some kind of cliffhanger since next episode is the last one, but I never expected the cliffhanger to be this harsh. Things were getting so intense, how do you expect me to wait a whole week before the conclusion ! I never expected that there would be even more casualties in this show. I never expected that the ending would get this awesome, or maybe I was expecting something really awesome and just lacked the imagination to really see how awesome the ending would be? Who knows. The only thing I can say for certain is that this episode was amazing and I want the director’s babies…even if I’m a guy…I’ll make it work somehow trust me.


Makishima was outwitted and the end of the Sybil society won’t happen today. His plan has failed and now it seems that he is taking the offensive. Why should he try to run to get the power back on if the only thing he has to do is to defeat a handful of detective? Makishima is a mad men and he intends to die fighting even against impossible odds. It was really obvious as soon as pops found the first trap that Ginoza would fall straight into another one, I was expecting him to be disabled by it and unable to continue on the mission, I also expected the same thing to happen to his father. I never even imagined that Masaoka would sacrifice himself to save his son. I knew he’d actually try to save his son somehow, but I never expected that it would cost him his life. That scene was so heartbreaking, I love and hate the show for it. I want Masaoka to survive ! I want him to live ! But that’s the exact reason why he should have died. It was cruel and unexpected and that’s just the way things are supposed to be in a show like this.


Now Kogami is fighting Makishima and there is only 2 more bullets in his gun. It is still enough to complete the job, or to get killed, depending on who ends up taking the gun in the end. Akane is running at them but I’m pretty sure she’ll be either disarmed or too late. The show can’t end with her just showing up and paralyzing them both, it would be way too anticlimactic. I expect for something really unfortunate to happen, I expect for someone else to lose their life here. Maybe Makishima will be killed in the final struggle, leaving Kogami and Akane in deep shit? Or maybe Kogami will be the one to be defeated, leaving Akane crying her life because she lost the one she loved.


I’m quite surprised at how intense Akane is lately, she is able to enter the mind of Makishima and guess both his and Kogami’s move. She is cunning unlike anything we’ve seen before and she has the confidence that goes with it. I never expected her to solve every problem in such simple matter, especially after what we saw of her from the first episode. She changed and improved so much that she is a completely different person now, yet she still somehow managed to keep her crime coefficient stable and to get where she is now.

I cannot end for the final episode of Psycho-Pass…I want it now !!!


ZeroGhj signing off

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