Psycho-Pass episode 22 [Final]: the cycle continues

new girl

Psycho-Pass, the first season has reached its end and I must admit that I’m really surprised of the way it went. I was expecting for a complete ending to happen, expecting to see a finale that would conclude the entire story and the world of Sybil. It seems that instead we might be lucky enough to be granted a second season. I’m still unsure how I feel about that. I love the show and therefore I really wouldn’t mind being immersed into this world once more, but at the same time it just feels a lot less interesting now that Kogami is on the loose and that Makishima is dead.

kogami pissed

This episode was quite eventful, the struggle between Kogami and Makishima took even longer than I was expecting, but it actually really came to an end. I never though it would end this way, the show made me think of so many possibilities that I never considered that everything could be over so easily.

the end

A bullet to the head, Makishima had given up on running away, it took these event for him to realize something he never saw before, he realized that Kogami was more than he was, he wasn’t alone in this world, he had someone looking after him, he had a guardian angel that cared for him. At least that it was I believe he saw. He wanted to kill Akane, failed to do so, only to realize after that she was the reason that made Kogami so different from him, he wasn’t alone, he saw someone in this cruel world that wasn’t but an empty shell. This is why Makishima started running while crying, he lost his will to fight because he realized that maybe in the end he simply never gave a system a chance. He was the perfect antagonist of Kogami, they were thinking the same way, acting the same way and focused on each other. Now that Makishima realized that Kogami was actually an even better individual than him, when he realized that he was emptier than Kogami, he gave up and let Kogami be the one to take his place.

ending it

Now I’m not sure what Kogami is up to, not sure what his next move will be, but he is a latent criminal at large and therefore at some point Sybil will most likely want revenge on him for killing Makishima. Meanwhile, I’m sure that at some point Akane too will want to find him, she would definitively want to see him again, but now thinks might be different between the two, because Kogami is now officially a bad person and unlawful, even in the eyes of Akane, Maybe if there is a second season that it will be centered around just that. The struggle between Akane and Kogami, Akane will want Kogami locked up after all, her sense of justice is so strong that even if it is the man she loves, I wouldn’t be surprised if she shot him for the kill in the end.

under arrest

So much things happening in this final episode, Ginoza is now officially a latent criminal, he was faking his glasses the whole time and he actually looks much better without than he did with them. Ginoza was already starting to act like Akane’s bitch at the end of the show, so now he officially holds that position. There also appears to be 2 more enforcer that joined them, but they were not introduced, only Ginoza and Kunizuka were there. The final scene was of course a repeat of the first episode, now with a new detective to fill in Ginoza’s place. It is interesting that it is once again a girl and this time she is even younger than Akane, since she is still a minor. If a second season is to happen for Psycho-Pass, it would most definitively make good use of this new lady and it would develop the many holes that are still left to be filled in our knowledge of the Sybil system. Now that the main character actually directly works in full knowledge of the system, it might becomes infinitely interesting after.

new ginoza

It is decided, I definitively want a second season to happen !

ZeroGhj signing off

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