Psycho-Pass episode 3: Justice of the future

Kougami is he a Hunter or a detective? It is hard to tell the difference sometimes, but there is one thing for certain, it is that he is a bad ass. His ways might not be the most cost efficient and less destructive, he did destroy about 8 levels of floor and 2 robots to get the criminal, but he did produce quick and efficient result. Most of all, he produces such a beautiful show for those of us who were watching him, that robot chase would have never happened otherwise. People would simply have been scanned in a couple of weeks or month when the bureaucracy would have run his course. That wouldn’t have made for such a great story.

While this episode didn’t seem to make the story progress in any specific direction, it did gave us some new clues as to how things work in this world. Ginoza and Masaoka somehow are at a different because of something which happened in the past, but we have no information what so ever yet to what this could be. We also know that Ginoza seems to despise just about everyone on the job, which is a little sad for him. His job is already merciless and really difficult and he has to do it alone to make things more difficult.

It seems that every new episode is made only to make us question a little more the system of Sybil, but for some reason I cannot seem to find that it is such a bad system. People always hope for a perfect system, some place where everyone can be happy. Sybil is exactly this, a system that makes sure everyone will be as happy and productive as they can be. Of course some people won’t be as happy as others, but there are some people who are unable to be truly happy no matter how perfect their condition is.

There is a limit to how perfect a world can be, people tends to forget that we are not all born equal, that the world is not fair. Justice is a concept human invented, it never existed in reality to begin with, humans are the one who tried to make it a reality, but since we are injust ourselves how can we create a world of justice? Is the world not just if a machine devoid of emotion dictate what is wrong and right? Doesn’t everyone stands the same chance and therefore is equal to anyone else? What is justice to begin with? How far does equality has to go before it becomes unjust? I doubt that most of those questions will be answered in this show, but there is 19 episodes to go, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they at least tried.


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