Psycho-Pass episode 4: Spooky Boogy

Finally for the very first time the episode is not a story of itself and the episode will be continued in the next one. I dislike short stories, might they be slice of life or single episode mysteries. I’m really glad to see that Psycho-Pass won’t pursue the path of episodic adventure anymore, I want to see a continuous difficult operation, I want a hunt that will last and that will prove more relevant and interesting than the previous ones. The warm up is over, my body is ready for something more.

The very first thing I simply must comment is the nature of the internet and internet community in the show. It seems that even though the city is a completely controlled and organized system, the internet remains this anonymous and wild place that it is well known to be right now. It is quite the contrast to see the real world and the internet in the show. From complete control to absolute anarchy, it seems that I could get along in that world just fine. People are getting famous online and they look for power over the crowd there, the internet is their escape from reality and the authority, they can be anything, they can voice their opinions no matter how taboo they are without the fear of authorities coming down to bust their front doors.

What I find even more interesting is that those internet symbols seems to have such power that they are target for assassinations. When you are hated enough that someone is ready to kill you, it means that you were at least popular and important enough for that people to care about you in the first place. I really wonder what kind of power over the mass those select individuals have. It seems that they have large audience that believe them and trust them, but just how much those that account for when you come back to the real world? What kind of propaganda can they spread and how effective would it be?

It is still kind of messed up to have someone murder you, cut you into piece and then flush you down the drain. I guess it is one way to dispose of a body, but it is such a difficult and trashy way to do it. I have difficult understand how that method would be better than having a tiger eat his corpse. I just feel like the tiger option would leave less traces and it doesn’t mess the entire flushing system…which would later end up giving the crime away.

I like where the story is going, the show is finally taking a more rapid and exciting pace, which is needed since everything was beginning to be a little repetitive in the last few episode, now we can finally have some messed up crime to go with this messed up world.


ZeroGhj signing off

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