Psycho-Pass episode 5: Kogami’s Past

The short and sweet little two episodes case is now over, only 3 people died, not so bad. I must admit that I’m pleased with the way this show is heading, I was scared that the show would become repetitive and uninteresting if it kept doing a whole investigation each episode, but now we already have our first two episodes arc over and the villain is starting to be more and more apparent.

I have a feeling that everything will lead to Kogami original unsolved case; and when I say “I have a feeling” I mean that we all pretty much knew that from the first episode of the show. i just wonder if the show will see more and more criminal behaviour that all comes from the same source or if there will still be other criminal and investigation that doesn’t involve Kogami’s nemesis. After all there are still many episodes left before the finale, while it is good to have a build up, I feel like there is nearly too much time to built up if they start focusing too much on him now. It really is a fine balanced between a show which feel rushed and one who feels extended with fillers.

While the case was interesting, the one thing that surprised me the most is how the fugitive used the Holographic room to his advantage by transforming it into an acid trip zone. Even if I could have guessed that it was possible to do so, I never thought about it and it was seriously awesome. I felt like I was watching Paprika all over again. I think the circus in that world must be absolutely mental if they can have a room where everything is holographic illusions like that, drugs is useless if you don’t even need to be high to feel trippy and lost in a world of colors and impossibilities.

Finally, the main point of this episode really is the very last 2 minutes of the show. We finally learn who Ginoza’s  last partner was, and part of Kogami’s past at the same time. It seems that Kogami was just too good of a detective, we already had a lot of foreshadowing and it was not really unexpected to learn as much. Kogami might look like a regular guy, but he is way closer to a hunting dog than a detective when he is on the job, there is simply nothing that will stop him from getting what he wants. It is no wonder that his Psycho-Pass is so cloudy. It really makes you wonder if this is not some foreshadowing for the future of Akane. That girl is easily influenced and she is a little too reliant on Enforcer when it comes to her job, I would be in no way surprised if a similar fate was awaiting her.

ZeroGhj signing off

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