Psycho-Pass episode 6: Work of Art


Even more information about Kogami’s past ! Not only did Kogami used to be an investigator and he became an enforcer, but he had one of his enforcer die in a mission. I think that could be significant enough for him to lose his mind like he did. After all Kogami has his own sense of justice, he is lie an old cop flick detective, he believes in his own justice no matter the rules broken to get there.

It seems that Kogami isn’t even insane when he said that there was someone out there playing the role of the mastermind and putting together all those killers and giving them the necessary mean for their evil deeds. I find it quite elegant to have a single person orchestrating all those murders everywhere, I’m sure he has a pretty good motive to do so too. I have a little suspicion that his motive has to do with the sybil system. What better way to screw the system and to destroy the current status quo than killing people of and making sure that anyone who has the potential to have a foggy psycho-pass gets one.

I would not even be surprised if that mastermind wanted Kogami to become such a shady and obsessed character, I think he would have the power to do so. Even more interesting if it is the case would be if Kogami was the one to bring his demise, but I’m sure we won’t know about that for another 18 episodes. I can already see how the show is become even more intense as time goes on and everything is starting to be linked together and to make sense, I absolutely love it. The story and the show is getting better and better it really get me excited for the future.

Now we have a little high school girl from a conservative school doing some really creative art work. I think this one is by far the most messed up and beautiful crime yet. Yes the previous crime involved people being cut to pieces and send down the drain, but this time they are cut to piece and set as a piece of art in the middle of the city. I must admit that I was slightly disturbed at how good that little girl was to con other girl into her plan. She is beautiful and intelligent and there is a Yuri field surrounding her wherever she goes. I was seriously wondering if the girl wouldn’t just have sex with her the moment they were alone, the look in her eyes made it looked like she would have done anything for her…and she did. She is such a good con-woman that she could have probably manipulated the girl to accept this fate, she could have convinced her to become such a beautiful symbol of art. That’s really messed up, but that’s why I love this show.


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