Psycho-Pass episode 7: Lifeless

I think soon enough the classmates will find out that something is wrong when they realize that 6 people of their class have been killed by some kind of artist lately. How hard is it to figure out that Yoshika is the culprit, she paint all her murders and she doesn’t even try to hide those paintings. I’m so sad that she is so obvious to find out, it means that she won’t last long in this show.

It really is such a shame because she was by far one of my favorite serial killer in a long time. That girl has purpose, passion, little moral and someone is giving her the means to her ends. You can see it only from the look in her eyes, she has the soul darkened by society, some people might called her a devil, I’d rather say that she is a free spirit, a sociopath spirit, but a free one nonetheless.She seems to have no feeling for her classmates which she uses for her exhibition, she already murdered 6 of them by the end of this episode alone and I have a feeling that the 7th one won’t be so far off, I highly doubt that this piece of art won’t come to life.

Meanwhile, we have Makishima; The guy is not only a psychopath like the one working under him, it is obvious, he might have some fucked up ethics, but he really knows what he is trying to accomplish. The system really is wicked when humanity becomes so weak and happy that stress doesn’t exist, dreams don’t exist. Just how Yoshika’s father died because of a complete lack of excitement, it is kind of iconic and interesting to see people in this universe die because of their lack of purpose. Usually we only see it as something figurative, someone will “die” because his life doesn’t have any purpose anymore, they won’t be anything else than an empty shell. Yet in this case, they become empty shell and then their heart simply stop functioning  I don’t know if it should be considered a good way to die, I was so relaxed that I died doesn’t sound too bad. Yet just change it to : I had so little purpose that I died, and it suddenly becomes a lot sadder.

The last thing I found especially interesting this episode is the man Makishima was talking to. He seems like someone informed and knowledgeable, someone with reason and understanding. He was aware of the crime being committed, but he didn’t seem to mind, yet we still don’t have any idea what role he is playing in all this. For now he is simply a nameless character that discover a little more about Makishima’s plan, but if Makishima is willing to tell him this much, there must be a reason, either this nameless guy is worth something to him, or he is some kind of mentor in the field. I’m eager to learn just what this meeting was all about.

ZeroGhj signing off

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