Psycho-Pass episode 8: When Hunter becomes Hunted

This episode was absolutely incredible, I have trouble believing that we are only at episode 8 out of 26. The show is already moving so rapidly towards awesomeness that I cannot understand how it could get progressively better for the next 18 episodes. At first I was curious if the show would be able to get progressively better to have a huge climax, but I have no doubts anymore. Psycho-Pass is incredible and it will become one of the best show of the season I just know it, after all with such a great OP and ED it is difficult to do otherwise.

Unfortunately my magnificent artist is already dead as I suspected would happen.  She had such a great future too, she had already completed 2 work of art and a third one was on the way. Kogami can say she was unoriginal all he wants, I believe that when someone reach over 400 crime coefficient she is more than a suitable psychopath for this show. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw Kogami point the gun on her, I never expected her to be this far off the beaten path. She seemed like such a sweet girl after all, too bad she ended up eaten by robot dog.

Speaking of robot dog, why would there even be robot dog in that world? Why not just regular dogs? Why would the cybil system think that regular dogs are too much of a threat to human sanity. Aren’t dog supposed to be mankind best friend? If dogs are banned, what about cats? Cats are a necessary animal for any aging lady, I cannot begin to guess what would happen to an old lady if she would be deprived from the affection of our thousands of cat to keep her alive. I don’t know if I could live in that world anymore if I can’t have a non-robot household pet.

Now the main interest of this episode. Makishima is taking a liking to Kogami, which is quite fortunate for him, because Kogami actually has a lot of interest for Makishima. I know they are simply met for each other, they haven’t ever met eye to eye, only through pictures and they already want to know more about their destined counter-part. Kogami has been waiting so long too to meet Makishima in person at least now Kogami can be satisfied that Makishima has taken notice of his advance and now he might very well have a chance to meet him. I’d find it lovely to post some yaoi of that wonderful couple shortly, unfortunately I think they are into quite gore stuff considering their respective crime coefficient.

On a more serious note, I really wonder how Makishima thinks he can have Kogami fall to his side, after Kogami doesn’t exactly like him that much, they’ll have quite the hard time to become the best pal in the world. Then again Makishima has proven quite the antagonist and he already proved himself multiple time, he knows how to find the rotten apple and to use them to their maximum.

ZeroGhj signing off

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