Psycho-Pass episode 9: meet Toyohisa

Immortality of the body through cyberization. What an interesting man, that Toyohisa. It is quite interesting how, in the past I had never noticed his robotic side and only this episode do I begin to observe it. At first I believed his cold and constant glare was a sign of his wisdom and personality, only to realize in this episode how mysterious and profound that man was. I like Toyohisa a lot; he brings such great contrast compared to Rikako. He is a completely robotic old man who is CEO of a major company and he is extremely liberal in his way of life, seeing as he transformed just about every part of himself to become a complete cyborg, yet he has such a conservative attitude and approach on things. He is not an artist like Rikako, he is an intellectual. He references Plato, he loves the thrill of the hunt and he drinks old wine in his home decorated with wood. I wonder if Toyohisa managed to fool the Sybil system by using some kind of modification during his cyberization; after all he is a public figure who must have his Hue scanned multiple times each days.

Now that creepy little CEO is going to hunt Kogami down. At first, I was surprised that Makishima asked Toyohisa to kill  Kogami. After all, as Toyohisa himself points out, Makishima seemed quite amused and in love with Kogami. Then as anyone else would realize, Makishima most likely doesn’t expect Toyohisa to be successful at killing Kogami. this is probably only a ruse to get Kogami in a corner and to push him even further into the abyss.  After all, from Makishima’s point of view this is all for the better. Toyohisa gets to have his fun, and if he succeeds, it means that Kogami wasn’t as good as what he hoped for. Meanwhile, if for some reason Kogami lives, he will be even more on the psycho side and he might very well start working in Makishima’s plan without him even realizing it.

You could remember that in my last episode review I wondered how Makishima would get Kogami to fight on his side,but now I believe from the way things are going that Kogami might work against Makishima, try and catch him, but do so in such terrible ways that he will do as much chaos as that evil mastermind planned from the very beginning. Then again Kogami sure is a sharp one, so it is difficult to know if he will fall for this or not.

There was simply so much stuff that happened this episode, from Akane learning more about profiling to us learning more about Gino’s past and why he is such a stuck-up asshole. I still don’t believe that it’s reasonable enough for how much of a jackass this guy is; we did know about most of that from the previous episode, but this time it was clearly explained. I wonder what the future episodes will be about. The show is already stepping up its pace so much, it is difficult to imagine how awesome it will be soon. We don’t even have half the show over yet!

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