Psycho-Pass [First Impression] episode 1: Enforcement mode is Lethal Eliminator

The soundtrack for this show is absolutely great. It is really rare that I speak of music and sound since I hardly ever notice those things usually, but when I do, it is usually because it is of a significantly high quality than what we usually see.

Those virtual policeman are so creepy and hilarious at the same time, no wonder no one takes the law seriously

There is no doubt that this show is of higher quality than what we usually see. The sound is great, the animation is incredible and the story and universe is so interesting…and I haven’t even talked about the characters yet.

The show is set in a future where technology has become so invasive that every thought you have is sent directly to some super computer that decides if you are a good or a naughty boy. I have no idea what happens exactly, but that universe looks so awesome. Everyone who is on the verge of becoming a criminal is sent into therapy and those who are past a certain point are killing on the spot. This is one great way to have peace respected in the city, no one can disobey the law if they are dead before they were able to attempt to do anything.

That death was absolutely hilarious, I feel like I’m watching gantz all over again

On the bright side, the technology does seem to be able to predict people’s behaviours correctly. They marked a man as dangerous and he indeed committed rape and he tried to kill someone right after. I can’t really disagree with the machine if it is so accurate in its judgement.

I would be depressed too if I was going to be killed in a huge explosion of blood

Speaking of machine that judges. I find it really interesting that in this show, it is the guns that decides who can be killed and who won’t. In this future, it really is true that gun kill people, they are not only a tool anymore, they make the decision between life and death, not the wielder. I really wonder how far the machine decides for the well being of the humans it oversees. I also wonder if the machine is still receiving intervention from humans, or if it is a closed system so as not to become corrupted. I guess we will find out more about those things in the future.

Another important and interesting fact about the show, was the enforcers. They will be at the center of the show and to be honest, they look absolutely badass. While Kagari seems really annoying, I can deal with him since the old man and Kougami are simply too awesome to stand next to each other all the time. I want to watch more of them, I am already hooked to this show.

I don’t know how regularly I will be blogging this show yet, but I will be watching it, that is for sure. You can already tell it is going to be a master piece. I recommend the show to just about anyone who likes something different from traditional school slice of life.

ZeroGhj signing off

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