Punch Line episode 1 [First Impression]: Panties can destroy the world

Punch Line end of the world blood explosion

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Punch Line is an anime about panties and super hero. Our main character is able to achieve supreme performance when he gets turned on and therefore about 90% of every episode is just panties. If he sees a panties he gets too turned and then it destroys humanity. The guy is some kind of spirit being or something, but to be fair most of the show seems to be bullshit made around to create an excuse for it to be possible to show more panties at the end of the day.

Punch Line pink panties

After the first minute of watching Punch Line I already knew the show was not for me. Between the main hero showing her pink panties at every kick and the villains going out the window spinning. It is very difficult to consider this show to be anything else than a kid show, the action is childish, the jokes are childish and so is the ecchi.  This is aimed for young boys discovering their sexuality more than anything else. Make me 10 years younger and my review might have been different, but for now this is just not watchable. I had to force myself to watch the rest of the episode, the idea might have been interesting, but it is done for such a young audience and it has such magical girl element that I found it impossible to even consider paying attention to the show more than I had to.

Punch Line super sayan

I would not recommend this show to anyone, it is not worth your time, there are better ecchi out there, there are better stupid action shows, there are better everything. Just don’t watch this please, this is what destroy anime’s reputation worldwide. Don’t encourage this poor excuse of a show by watching it. Do watch High School DxD BorN though, that’s what real anime should be like !

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