R-15 episode 1: [First Impression]

There is a special school in japan when gifted children can develop their particular skill without fear of oppression or humiliation from other people. At that school we follow a young porno novel writer genius who learn to understand and excel at his gifted ability to think the most erotic stories imaginable.


This show is so stupid. The plot is so lame. A perverted guy finally find and realize what love is all about? A school of genius where a perverted 15 years old write porn novel? There is nothing intelligent in there, It was an insult to anyones intelligence.


I absolutely love this show. For the exact reason I said above. This is a ecchi, there is nothing more to it. The only purpose of the show is to be stupidly dumb, erotic and funny. I don’t expect to see anything intelligent come out of this show, and I don’t want there to be any either. This is a lolly ecchi about a really perverted dude, perfect story, magnificent idea.


The main characer is a fantastic pervert, but what make him so special isn’t as much because he is thinking perverted stuff, I can think of way more perverted stuff more often than him if I wanted to. What’s special is the fact that he can think about them, not even hide it, and not get in trouble for it. He is accepted to be “that perverted guy” and therefore no one will make too big a case if he stares weirdly at someone’s breast. He is a genius and what he’s doing is pure art.


As another note, while he is a porn genius, the genius photographer and the Chief of the newspaper seem just as naughty themselves. That Photographer only wants to catch Taketo raping someone. She is a real photography genius, but she might be closer to the paparazzi. I feel like no one in that school has any sense of ethic or moral what so ever, and that is just perfect. Moral and ethic keep things boring, someone who forget about those have sudden access to so many more possibilities !


Also, in anime it seems that the more gifted someone is, the best they look. Just look at the chief, she is uber gorgeous, some might even consider that over the top. But I’m not the one that will complain, she can tie me up anytime, I will thoroughly enjoy it.

Now will I be covering this anime? hell yes, but don’t expect much story development, this story is about ecchi, so perversion will be the center of my attention !


P-S I wish I could look this awesome when I blog


Possibility of Watching: Yes

Possibility of Blogging: Yes


ZeroG signing off


Silvia here!  I’m hijacking ZeroG’s post to add on my own thoughts to the first episode of R-15.


I think by the basic synopsis it’s pretty obvious that R-15 is not an anime that takes itself seriously and neither should the viewer. It’s not typically my fare, as it plays into every harem anime trope ever, with the additional advantage that since the main character is recognized as a porn novel writer and supposed to be a pervert then it’s totally okay for him to BE a pervert at the school. It’s his “genius” after all.


I do know that this will be one series people will be excited for the eventual Blu-Ray/DVD release as there is a lot of censoring for the TV version. But beyond that, it is pretty funny, if not predictable. We haven’t entirely met all of the main female cast but from the first glances we get in the first episode it’s pretty easy to peg who fits what anime trope. If anything, this show would be great for a drinking game if somebody was able to put down all the tropes to rules. Drink when there are nipples on screen! Drink when there’s a porn fantasy! Drink when that one innocent girl blushes! I see this being useful for anime clubs on college campuses if they are the type to watch new series as they premiere.


I think the series will have its cute moments, as in the first episode when Taketo was having a ‘fantasy’ as he often does to inspire his writing about the genius clarinet player and his crush, his fantasy was completely PG-rated. Taketo himself was shocked, so maybe this super pervert will find the one girl he wants to love, d’awwww. I do admit that sometimes I am a sucker for that trope. Tropes aren’t all bad, it’s all in how they are used.


Will I stick with this series for the long haul? I don’t know, I guess it depends on how quickly the romance progresses compared to the multitude of perverted fantasy situations that I am sure will fill the rest of this show. I’ll give it a try, if anything it’s something to laugh at (and drink to if you’re like me and you have a well-stocked liquor cabinet that is begging to be used).


See you next episode!

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