R-15 episode 10: Naked Idol


The 3 classes of first year are pitted against each other to see which genius classes is the most genius of all.



am I going crazy? I actually liked this episode for the story and the romance? What the hell is wrong with me? This show has no story what so ever and overall boring characters, but I was really into the story this time. The competition was interesting, but here I am not talking about the competition between the classes, but really of the love competition going on, Utao, Reika and Narukara are all going after Taketo. Utao and Narukara are so obvious in their affection, but Reika keep it more to herself and does little to clearly show her affection. I don’t know who I like the best between Reika and Utao, the only thing I know is that I really dislike Narukara, her character is dense, plain and therefore absolutely boring. Taketo is a porn author and therefore he needs to be with someone who understand him, in this case either Utao since she likes his work or Reika because she might be even more of a pervert than Taketo.


Even if the episode had a lot of really awesome ecchi scene ( I especially liked the final scene when they are both in the bath together), it was not so much the ecchi that I loved than the romance in the story. Utao is really cute and she really works for what she wants. It is kind of painful to see Taketo torture her like that every time he mentions Narukara’s name. Utao was most likely ready to give her body to Taketo in that bath, but Taketo was too busy thinking about Narukara to even use this situation to his advantage. Why would he turn away the chance to see a national Idol naked and take a bath with her? The guy is crazy, he should have his porno author license revoked.

Now I hope that the show won’t end up with Taketo finishing  with Narukara in his arm. Unless Narukara is a trap and work as a prostitute during the night, she is not exciting enough of a character for Taketo.


The competition between the class is also a cool concept that really bring the character together for once, instead of having Taketo be a creeper by himself and spy on helpless girl. Now he can be a super pervert and actually help his class with his abilities. Quite the chance of pace.




A unexpectely good episode for this show, the story was actually interesting, the romance was actually cute and the ecchi was overall exciting. This episode was so enjoyable that I even look forward to next week episode…wtf?


ZeroG signing off

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