R-15 episode 11: Genius no more

Fukune messed up her concert and now she plans on leaving the school of genius to concentrate on her music.


Yes, Finally, Fukune is leaving and Taketo will finally be able date Utae without anything or anyone to hold him down anymore ! What do you mean Taketo is going after Fukune instead of giving up and resorting to choice number 2? That porn writer never knows when to quit ! Why is he so focused on the cute girl when he could go for the naughty or the sexy girl.


That's his face after spending the night with a half naked girl? wth

It is really frustrating to see Utae so sad and to see Taketo on the other side that is so desperately trying to cling to the annoyingly boring girl instead. What does Fukune has that make her so special? She is good with the clarinet so she most likely knows how to blow, but that’s not the only quality you need to look for in a girl. Utae is the obvious choice in ever possible way, why does this anime torture us so much. I really hope that Taketo will realize his mistake before it is too late, that is why I hate harem, I can’t stand seeing all those cute sexy girl get sad when they are not the chosen one. I wish they would all just get together and make one big orgy, that would be perfect for everyone, they just have to learn to share.


Get that girl instead...NOW!

Fukune failed her concerto and now she wants to abandon everything, leave school and focus on her music. At the very least that’s what his father want her to do and the girl is so bland and without any personality that there is no way she will decide of her future for herself. She is such a sad excuse of a genius. And that’s saying a lot since it seems that there are only 5 genius that are running the show by themselves at that school. When you need a porn author to write your song, you know you might need a little more talent in your school of geniuses.


that's over 9000 $!

As a side note, I loved how the genius mathematician and programmer where able to make several million dollars overnight and not only did they not win the round, they have not received any praise for it, nor have they decided to just leave the school because they are now fucking millionaire with a program and formula that could make them even more. I know that this is an ecchi and that the point is not to be serious or to make sense, but still, this is still kind of overboard.


In the end, this episode had little ecchi, the story progressed a whole lot, but not the way I wish it would. I have to give credit for this show to have come up with a story so late in the show, but if you make the main character fall in love with the most boring character, it just doesn’t matter how good the story is, it will still be painful to watch. Now I wish that this was just a big twist and in the end Taketo will choose Utae over Fukune, but I have little hope left.


ZeroG signing off


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