R-15 episode 2: Idol spreads her wings


Taketo needs to interview the school genius Idol, Utae.



This show is an awesome ecchi. In the episode it was really hard sometimes to know what was fantasy and what was reality, but that is the beauty of it all. After all in life reality and fantasy often mix with each other. Our reality is but an interpretation of what we see, if we wish our fantasy to be real really hard, they could start to interfere with reality. I really like movies that keeps every scene have multiple interpretation, those different interpretation are what makes discussion interesting for the viewers.


That girl has everything going for her really

Now speaking of the character in the show itself, Reika wants some cock, that can be seen from miles away. She acts cool and disgusted towards Taketo, but in reality she lust for him. She wants to photograph the dirtiest things, yet she calls Taketo the pervert when his novels seems written by the hand of a true genius. I predict some kind of kinky stuff happening between the two before the end of the season. They are meant to  fuck be together. The Genius porno novelist and the genius photographer, they are meant to be.


That girl wants to photograph things that are more interesting I am sure

Until we can see that, this week was quite awesome too, Taketo’s fantasy are fantastic and he can write a porn novel faster than I can write “awesome”.  I really like his style of porn too, it is not just brutal porn, there is a lot of beauty and art in it. I really like the crazy lightning and light effect when he comes up with an awesome story, it makes it seem like the writing goes as fast as lightning and he gets the whole thing in his mind and he is able to reproduce the story just as fast as more details pops up.


I have a feeling that this anime will make us discover a new genius every episode with the main story line progressing slowly through it all. It is not a bad concept, but I just fear that it could become repetitive. With some luck things will be so hot it won’t even matter in the end.


I hate censorship, especially when clothed female are censored

One thing that really bothered me during the episode were the absolutely huge censoring flash of lights. I hate censorship to begin with, but when it gets to the point that there is more censoring in the picture than actual content, I call that bullshit. You might as well just write the story so we can imagine, instead of showing half and letting us imagine the rest. Please only use small censor that block off the “at risk” part, instead of having huge bar of doom that covers half her body.




This show is a simple ecchi, it does well at what it is supposed to do:  making you horny and letting you fantasize. I’m looking forward to the other wonderful stuff it will show us next week.


ZeroG signing off.

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