R-15 episode 3 & 4: Sticky Panties

Taketo is stuck to Nakura because of an experiment that went wrong and few days later he received a mysterious love letter.

Episode 3: Sticky Situation


Taketo is accused of raping Nakura and to make matters worse he ends up stuck to her for a whole day because of one of the Scientific genius experiment who went wrong.



This episode was not as ecchi heavy as the previous one, the love relationship between Taketo and Nakura was the main focus of the episode. I would rather see this show have no story at all and only be about ecchi, but I guess some story here and there can’t be that bad.


Nakura is such a clueless character, I have trouble with her character. She is so innocent that she seems just lost in this ecchi-heavy show. She is not really “cute”, she as no libido what so ever and she has little to no presence. I would rather have a tsundere or an exhibitionist to steal the show, the character would fit better with the theme.


Other than that this episode was a little disappointing, since there was so little in term of ecchiness, I hope next episode will be better.


Episode 4: So many Panties


Taketo receives an anonymous love letter containing a self-taken picture of a girl wearing their underwear, he then proceed to look at everyone’s panties at school in order to find the author of the mysterious letter.



I’m not sure anymore whose the perverted one in the show. Raiku looks more nympho than Taketo will ever be, while Taketo is clearly constantly fantasizing about girl and scenarios he encounters, Raiku is not only perverted in her head, she brings the perversion to the real world. She is an exhibitionist and she wants to expose herself, but since she is the one holding the camera, she cannot do both at the same time. This is why she gives so much trouble to Taketo.


In the last review I said that Raiku wants Taketo’s cock, I will reaffirm my statement, that girl is definitively a nympho and she will without a doubt try everything she can to lose her virginity to this ugly pervert. If Raiku is that desperate I’m sure Taketo will be very glad to help her with her problem. I’m sure if Taketo were to lose his virginity his erotic novel would become more accurate too. This would be a win-win scenario.


I understand that everyone at that school is a genius, but in the end it seems that they are all deep down perverts. While this can be said true to the real world too, those kids are much much younger. I’m surprise they even have a libido.


Well this show was never about the universe or the story anyway, the only purpose was to bring awesome ecchi scenario. This was achieved for this episode. The ecchiness level were through the roof, I have no complaint what so ever.


A weak episode follow by a strong one, this was interesting, I hope we will continue to see such awesome ecchi and I want Reika to take a bigger role in the show, she is so perverted, I want to see how ugly she can get.


ZeroG signing off

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