R-15 episode 7: Invisible Men


Taketo is sent to the girl’s dorm with a special stealth suit to observe them without being seen.



Well this episode was a bit better than last time. Of course the show is not “great” but at the very least it was a decent ecchi this time around. We even had the chance to see some tentacle rape and nun fetish.


The age old invisible guy scenario, isn’t that any voyeurs dream? to be able to roam around freely without ever being noticed?  It was done and redone again, but each time I never get bored of this fantasy. It feels dirty and extremely perverted, but that is why we love it so much.

Now the only major problem with that suit is that it starts unstealthing as soon as there is some part of the body that changed size. What Taketo did to solve the problem was to try to keep his erection down and keep his penis as small as possible, but what I would have instead suggested to him would be to start the stealth mechanism with an erection and to keep it at all time. Yes at one point he would lose his erection anyway, but that would mean that he either isn’t excited anymore, and therefore should go somewhere more exciting to complete his mission, or he is came, and therefore he should leave since he most likely found all the info he needed if he was able to ejaculate without the need for stimulation other than his own fantasy.


What I found really weird in the episode was Raika appearance. She appears in the episode only at the very end to give some kind of escape for Taketo, but she just feel really out of character. Now they made it looked like her character changed and realized something important, but we are missing some information here.  I feel like they just rushed a way for the episode to end while at the same time trying to put in some meaningful story in there. Next time I hope they just make some magical ecchi that saves the day, after all the show as no purpose other than ecchi.


Even if the ecchiness level was high, I was not that aroused by this episode, I guess it simply didn’t fall into my favorite fetishes. Maybe I’ll have better luck next time.


ZeroG signing off

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