R-15 Final Impression

Time to see how good this ecchi-packed show really was.


Art & Animations


It is art to comment on the art of the show since there were so many white bars everywhere all the time. Those were seriously disturbing the show more than anything. There are better way to censor than to put a big white bar that take up 2/3 of the screen. I understand they don’t want us to see everything so we will buy the DVD, but come on, you can just put some silly stars or what ever over the panty shot the boobs and what not. No need to block our view from EVERYTHING.


If I disregard the censor that bugged me, the show was nothing really special in animation, it was actually really average. It is after all a meaningless ecchi, so why bother with any special animation? The only thing that should be well drawn in those anime are the panties and the boobs, but I have no clue if those were correct since there was a huge white bar in front of them.


I just can’t say anything great about the animation of the show, there was nothing of value that was shown after the censoring.



Rating: 5/10




This is going to be painful. There were many characters, which is always a good thing when you have a harem show, it is kind of essential. The characters were all a little different from each other and it gave good energy to the show, every character was fulfilling a different fetish and it was great overall, especially since we had an episode to focus on each character, it really gave you episode with great different fetish for every episodes.


But then appears a big problem.


The most boring character of all, Fukune, is the main love interest of Taketo. This is simply frustrating. Fukune is the clueless, cute little girl, she is no fun and I just want to throw her down some stairs. The show really went to shit for me when Fukune became the sole interest of Taketo, every other character were simply amazingly fun and he chose the boring plain character instead. I would have been less pissed if he went for the gay math genius instead, I would rather have an interesting yaoi than a boring heterosexual love story.


Because of the bullshit near the end I give this a 7 on 10 on characters, they did manage to make character interesting enough for me to be pissed about the choice they made.


Rating 7/10



 Original Sound Track & Opening/Closing theme:


The Opening theme and the ending were so interesting, In fact I think I watched it once and skipped it every other time. It was just nothing original and I could have listen and watch something better with that time. Why bother to have 1 minutes long intro if you are just to put a generic song with uninteresting images for that time. They could have put the sound of a girl moaning in repeat for a minute with the picture of panties and it would have been better. I’ll give them 4/10 for this section, since it was not bad enough that I actually bled from my ears.


Rating 4/10




The story was not really the main focus of the show, so it is kind of normal that it was semi-existant until the last two episodes or so. But the show was really more of a slice of life thing than anything else. We had some small daily problems and that was what the episode was about. If we disregard the last two episode there was never any continuity in the action between two episodes.


For the small part of the show that did had a story, it was  usually meaningless or frustrating. The final song was made to sound so epic but in reality it was just hilariously absurd. The last episode was in fact so over the top that you could not take the story seriously. There was just no way that I could really like the story of the show, it fails at the few occasion it even shows up. So this is a big no-no for the story. It was not bad enough for me to rage really hard about it, but it was still bad.


Rating: 5/10

Overall Entertainment Value

Even if the show failed in just about everything else, it was an ecchi and the fetish were really awesome, so the entertainment value was actually great. Now it was nothing stellar, but it had above average ecchi material. Some of those episode had me really excited about the material shown, it was just some really deep fetish sometimes. It seems like most fetishes were actually covered during the show and therefore I guess just about anyone would have found something he liked in the show. The show was also kind of funny most of the time, there was no story, no art, but it was ecchi and funny. That was the sole purpose of the show and it did accomplishes it magnificently. Overall the show was never a pain to watch, it was nearly always fun.

Rating: 8/10


The show had plain characters, uninteresting animations, sucky intro and outro and there was no story at all. BUT the point of the show was to be a full ecchi, and that part was done really well. The ecchi was diverse et intense by moment, while it was a little ruined by the censoring, it was still really great overall. I had fun watching the episode for the ecchi show it was. If you are looking for a good ecchi, R-15 is a good choice for you, but don’t expect the show to be anything it was not meant to be. Hater’s gonna hate, because I think this show deserves a 7/10 overall.

Final Rating 7/10

ZeroG signing off

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