Rail Wars! episode 1 [First Impression]: Over the Top Train Drivers

Rail Wars! gun fighter train assistant

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Back when I was a young boy, around 3 or 4 years old, I was passionate about trains. I would have books about trains, play with trains and want to visit museum about trains. Now about 20 years later I am taking the train daily. Yet I really couldn’t give a fuck about an anime which whole team is about trains. I’m not sure I really understand why there would be such a strong audience for such a niche topic. Maybe it is simply because I’m in north america and here every people involve in a train are looked at as glorified bus drivers.

Rail Wars! group of stuff

You know what the worse thing is about the complete lack of interest for trains? It doesn’t even matter. This show is so stupid it is simply ridiculous. They spend such a ridiculous amount of time trying to make driving a train to be something interesting and cool while it is the one of the lamest things to do. They made everything to have those guys look like bad ass…but they are train drivers! At best they are glorified security guards, in a country known for having a low crime rate and limited amount of violent crime. Just by showing this I lost all respect for the show, it was impossible for me to take anything seriously at that point.

Rail Wars! fanservice 2

It doesn’t help that half the show is just pointless fanservice and boob-grabbing. The show follows a small little group of friends who takes matter on their own hand too easily and take way too much pleasure at acting like idiots in a pointless job. At the very least the pacing and art for the show was pretty good. But it is about as much compliment as I can give it, because from a story and character perspective the show is rather empty. I would have understood this show if it was aimed at a much younger audience, but the constant fan service ecchi made it seems really odd for anyone below 8 to be watching this.

I won’t be watching or blogging this show, I think it is an idea that went wrong, there is just too many things that are completely off and overblown with the show, it makes it really difficult to tolerate.

ZeroGhj signing off.

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