Random Reviews: Seitokai Yakuindomo

Myst’s random reviews: Because she’s just that awesome, when she has time, Myst will post random reviews about shows that already aired. They will be pretty much like final impressions, however without scores, only recommendations and comments about the show. The date and content of these reviews will always be a surprise. Hope you will have fun reading!

Title: Seitokai Yakuindomo (TV)
Animation Company: Starchild Records, GoHands, Dreamforce
Genres: Comedy, School, Shounen
Aired: Summer 2010
Duration: 12 episodes

In the category of perverted shows, I think this was the one I loved the most. It was original, amazing, and the best part of it was that for once, the producers understood that making a storyline around perverted stuff doesn’t work. The solution? Forget the storyline, just make us laugh!


This show is the story of a guy who starts off in a school that used to be an all-girls school but that just turned co-ed, therefore there’s around 4 guys in the

This is one of which could be called a WTF moment.

school and the rest are all girls. He is then forced to join the student council, consisting of 3 other girl members, and they are all nice and beautiful. Nice harem concept, right? Totally cliché, right? That’s what you think. It turns out that the producers of this show had the wrong idea of how girls may think when they are in an all-girls school. No, they don’t think only about sex and dildos and perverted things. Sorry to disappoint you, men who may read this.

But anyways. Apparently, in this show, the whole world of these girls revolves around sexual things, and they are persuaded that guys have only one thought in mind: sex which isn’t too far from the truth… But this show pushes it too far.

So with this premise we meet our 4 main characters: The man (Takatoshi), the perv (Shino), the big-breasted insane perv (Aria) and the way-too-intelligent-for-her-size loli (Suzu). As the year goes along, Takatoshi has to endure the many trials set upon his path, which mostly consist of ignoring anything any of the girls may reply to anything he says they give a whole new concept to thinking dirty. He also manages to integrate himself into the student council and becomes a responsible man who can take charge of things.



Imagine shameless girls who talk about sex all the freakin’ time… Now imagine that 4 times over and you’ve got the girls from Seitokai Yakuindomo. They’ve got it all.

Shino is probably the worst of them all, however Aria is sometimes hard to beat. Those 2 girls were absolutely hilarious when they opened their mouth. Whatever Takatoshi said, it would turn perverted, and then the 2 girls would end up going on and on about some nonsensical perverted nonsense.

Suzu, the third character, turned out to be my favourite out of all of them. My god she was hilariously small, and the fact that she complexed about it made it even better. She also seemed to have some common sense, unlike the other 2, and was so incredibly smart and awesome. Her and Takatoshi were my favourite pairing.

As for the main character, Takatoshi… Gee, I feel bad for him. For once, he pretty much doesn’t have any dirty thoughts, and he’s the one who has to endure all their perverted madness. I feel bad for him, I really do then again, he is a guy… You can’t make me believe that he doesn’t at least enjoy it a little...

The other side characters were just retarded. he stalker journalist was… Well, the way I named her kinda says it all. She was a freakin’ stalker O_o. As for the alcoholic and way-too-horny teacher, she just added even more humour to the already hilarious show, and I thought she was pretty cool. Aria’s maid was… Interesting… I think… Gosh, all the girls in this show were retarded. Overall, all the characters weren’t too deep, but just plain funny and I liked them.



In one sentence, this show was amazing.

I could never stop laughing during the whole time I watched this show. It was funny, stupid, and plotless. You know, those retarded shows that don’t make sense but make you laugh because they’re pure comedy? Yup, that’s the one. This show was definitely different from the rest, it stood out in its humour and its storyline concept, and made everything so damn funny that I absolutely loved it.

Recommendation: I recommend that show to people who can stand perverted jokes… Lots of perverted jokes. Please note though: there are almost no ecchi scenes, and the romance is very poor. This show is for pure entertainment, one of those things you watch when you’re bored because you don’t need to follow any storyline. Warning: You may die of laughter.

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