Re-Kan! episode 1 [First Impression]: Ghosts n’ Stuff

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Hibiki Amami is a normal high school girl… Except for one thing: she is able to see ghosts! Forced to live with everyday abnormal occurences, she still manages to be accepted by everyone at school somehow, despite scaring them slightly. Only one person refuses to accept her because she hates the occult, and she is the #1 tsundere of the school, Inoue Narumi. But of course, she’s a tsundere… What would you expect? The two become best friends by the end of the episode.


Funny, cute and with a little bit of creepiness to top it all, Re-Kan! would probably be even more wonderful if there wasn’t a *?&# tsundere as one of the main characters.

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This little thorn aside, however, I like the premise of the show. Light-hearted, funny and cute, this anime’s purpose is nothing more than to entertain us without any of this over-the-top awesomeness. There is definitely something different about it, something which makes me want to watch more, but I don’t expect the story to really get anywhere at all.

The little something of originality which I talk about is hardly describable… The addition of ghosts to the story does make the gags a lot more entertaining and original than in other anime, but I can’t exactly relate this difference to what makes this show so special, because other similar types of shows with ghosts aren’t exactly like this, either. In any case, I like this show. It reminds me of Tamako Market, but… Cuter. Funnier. With better animation. And ghosts. Yeah.

re-kan kids

In any case, only prepare to watch this if you can tolerate shows that concentrate on flimsy high school girls doing flimsy things. Although there is a slight Seinen aspect introduced with the ghosts, most of the show is centered around a traditional “cute girls doing funny things” (or, in this case, “cute girls being haunted in funny ways”) scenario, which means that there probably won’t be much happening other than exactly that. We might see the birth of a wonderful friendship and some character development between Amami and Narumi, but really… I’m serious… Don’t expect a story, or you will regret it.

re-kan shadowsFinally, I just wanted to comment slightly on the animation, because it is honestly very well done. Beautiful character designs, good play on lighting and pretty backgrounds, this first episode was especially nice to look at, and I enjoyed quite a bit the idea of ghosts only being visible at certain specific times. While Amami can see them very well, others can’t, and not having the ghosts be visible to the viewers only emphasizes the girl’s weird behaviour and makes everything more entertaining. The play on shadows is also an interesting way to portray the ghosts, and the props for that goes once more to the animation team.

My final verdict is this: this is cute and funny, but not ground-breaking. Watch only if you have time.

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