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“What should I watch now?” Thus is the question we, as anime fans, will ever wonder, for ever and ever. With an endless list of shows available for us to watch, it is sometimes complicated to filter out which ones are good and which ones would be better off disappearing into a deep abyss. This column serves exactly this purpose; in whichever category appears from one week to the next, the best shows will be picked out, leaving you with a good amount – enough to watch anime for entire days without pondering over the incessant question that attacks all anime fans.

Bishounen: “literally means ‘pretty boy’. . . It is a Japanese word, adopted by female anime fans in the rest of the world to denote any male anime, manga, or video game character they happen to find good looking.
– The Urban Dictionary

Let’s go on a hunt for handsome men! Upon my recent discovery that Kin’iro no Corda was getting an extra season this Spring, I was inspired this week to reminisce of all the other anime I’d watched featuring pretty boys.


7228lKin’Iro no Corda

Episodes: 25

SynopsisHino Kahoko is a student whose school is divided into two branches – the Normal Branch, in which students wear grey uniforms, and the Music Branch, in which the students wear white. The school’s tradition is a music competition, but it it more common that students from the Music Branch are chosen to compete. Kahoko is surprised one day to encounter a fairy named Lili. Solely because she is the only student to see him, she is the only student from the Normal Branch to be in the competition.

Kahoko doesn’t have any musical knowledge, until Lili grants her a magic violin, one that anyone can play if they believe they can truly do it. Kahoko must now face the trials of the competition, her competitors, and her peers.

As a general hater of reverse harems in general due to their immense lack of plot and decent heroine, I can only say that, so far, La Corda d’Oro is the only show of the genre which I found to be worth recommending. With a heroine which features actual character development and a personality, the viewing of the show becomes that much more enjoyable; the spectator can actually get a feeling that the story is moving forward, and the association with the main character becomes somewhat related to admiration rather than simply putting yourself in the girl’s shoes. As for the main reason why girls watch the show, the men, well… They’re certainly handsome, that’s for sure. Add to that a great personality for the main guy of the story and somewhat okay personalities for the other bishounen, and you’ve definitely got some good eye candy which you should enjoy along with a good story for 25 episodes.


Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge

Episodes: 25

SynopsisTakano Kyohei, Oda Takenaga, Toyama Yukinojo, and Morii Ranmaru are going to rent a house to go to school for free on the condition that they make the girl of the house a “lady”. However, Nakahara Sunako, the girl living there, is gloomy, weird, and horror movie maniac. She has a trauma of when she was told she was ugly by the boy whom she loved when she was in junior high school. She doesn’t like beautiful things and gets a nosebleed when she looks at something beautiful.

As of now, this show is literally the only one I own. Why? Certainly not because of its intricate storyline; after all, the show consists mainly of fillers. Character development? Any hint of it ever happening disappears way before the midpoint. I would consider this anime my own guilty pleasure: featuring handsome young men who’s sole features are to be handsome, the show parodies regular reverse harems in such great ways that will leave one laughing from beginning to end. The ironic thing about that is that while laughing at this specific genre, it also happens to hold many qualities of the genre, notably the constant display of handsomeness which us girls enjoy this show so much for. if one is seeking handsomeness, one is certain to find it in the Wallflower. Of course, one will also find romance, a gloomy main character, talking skeletons and beauty lessons, but you know… All we care about are the handsome men, after all.


Other Recommendations

1. Kuroshitsuji
2. Free!
3. Sekai-Ichi Hatsukoi (Yaoi series)
4. Ouran High School Host Club
5. Vampire Knight

**Thanks to MAL for the summaries and info!**

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