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“What should I watch now?” Thus is the question we, as anime fans, will ever wonder, for ever and ever. With an endless list of shows available for us to watch, it is sometimes complicated to filter out which ones are good and which ones would be better off disappearing into a deep abyss. This column serves exactly this purpose; in whichever category appears from one week to the next, the best shows will be picked out, leaving you with a good amount – enough to watch anime for entire days without pondering over the incessant question that attacks all anime fans.

Is someone looking for a tear-jerker? Good build on characters? Dramatic situations in people’s lives that we wish would never happen to us? Well, get your lovely dose of eye-bawling here, in this recommendation post. Drama digs deep into our heart, pulls it out of our bodies and rips it to shreds, only to put it back together again. And that’s why we love it.
Due to the extremely broad categorization of Dramatic shows, I decided this time to focus mainly on the the most tear-jerking, overly dramatic shows I knew about – therefore, beware, as this list is for hardcore drama fans only. This list of recommendations stands for people who just want to feel deeply emotional about things for a few days.


18578lTrue Tears

Episodes: 13

SynopsisShinichiro is a student living in what would be a dream come true for most high school boys, but for him is mostly a frustration. A well-liked girl in school named Hiromi has lived in his house for a year along with his family. Her father was a close friend of the family, and when he died they immediately took her in. She is popular, always smiles, is talented in sports—but Shinichiro knows there must be tears inside her. Having an artistic tendency, he makes watercolors of her and thinks about wishing to ease her tears. Yet, he cannot bring up the nerve to talk to her even in his own home. She, too, is quiet and withdrawn in their house, quite unlike at school. Shinichiro is also distracted by teasing from his friend Nobuse for watching Hiromi from afar, a curse of bad luck from a strange girl named Noe, and being forced to perform Muhiga dancing. By helping Noe, he hopes to ease his own problems, yet he seems to have difficulty helping himself. (Source: MAL)

It certainly has been a while since I’ve watched True Tears, but I still feel like crying while I write this review, as I remind myself of the show’s sad moments full of drama. Heck, when I watched it I almost found it too dramatic, until I realized that for a show like this, over-dramatism actually makes the show shine in surprising ways. In its depiction of characters, the anime is very strong, very deep, and is certain to serve its purpose to emotionally move its audience.

What makes True Tears most interesting, however, is the different perspectives brought along by the show depending on which girl is your favourite among all of them. The show features 3 different girls, with 3 very different stories, who end up falling for the same guy and all react in strikingly distinct ways to the events of the story. This feature causes a difference in perspectives in the viewer as well, since (s)he is likely to favour one girl over the others, and therefore to feel differently over the course of the show as another spectator would. The final pairing, for example, has caused many to be happy, and many others to rage for a long time – that’s me! But I can’t say more, or it would spoil the True Tears experience. All I can say now is please watch it, as it is a hugely unknown show among the anime community, and yet it is absolutely wonderful to watch.


39665lKokoro Connect

Episodes: 17 (the 4 last episodes aired as specials)

SynopsisThe five members of the Cultural Research Club—Taichi Yaegashi, Iori Nagase, Himeko Inaba, Yui Kiriyama, and Yoshifumi Aoki—encounter a bizarre phenomenon one day when Aoki and Yui switch bodies without warning. The same begins to happen to the other club members, throwing their daily lives into disarray.

At first the five students find some amusement amidst the confusion, but this unwarranted connection also exposes the painful scars hidden within their hearts. As their calm lives are shattered, the relationships between the five students also begin to change… (Source: MAL)

What would happen if, one day, your group of friends in high school began switching bodies all of a sudden? At first with a seemingly generic premise for dumb comedy, Kokoro Connect starts off as a random, perverted school life comedy, with the only difference being that the main characters can swap bodies – but that has also been seen in anime. After a few episodes, however, we quickly realize the true nature of the show, as the episodes become more and more dramatic, and the seemingly very generic show turns into an original, tear-jerking drama in which supernatural events aren’t, like other anime make it seem, super awesome fun times for everyone.

Add to that love triangles, unrequited feelings and traumatized children, and you’ve got just about what one would expect of Kokoro Connect if a person boasted to them about how good it is. Fortunately for us, Kokoro Connect is much, much better than what that person could ever expect. Fans of drama should love this romantic drama for its originality and for its incredible character development; if not for that, then at least just for the tears and the emotional attachment to the characters.


Other Recommendations

1. Mushishi
2. Eve no Jikan
3. Clannad + Afterstory
4. AnoHana
5. Angel Beats

**Thanks to MAL for the summaries and info!**

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