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“What should I watch now?” Thus is the question we, as anime fans, will ever wonder, for ever and ever. With an endless list of shows available for us to watch, it is sometimes complicated to filter out which ones are good and which ones would be better off disappearing into a deep abyss. This column serves exactly this purpose; in whichever category appears from one week to the next, the best shows will be picked out, leaving you with a good amount – enough to watch anime for entire days without pondering over the incessant question that attacks all anime fans.

Backgrounds! Sparkly characters! pretty boys and girls! You know, those shows which anyone could spend their days re-watching regardless of their storyline because they make regular sunsets look prettier than Heaven? It’s grand time we outline them, because they should definitely have a worth in the world of anime; even with a sometimes sketchy storyline or character development, pretty shows still deserve to be noticed for the great amount of time spent on visual effects.

P.S.: Please note that I am talking about Art here, not Animation – The fluidity of movement is irrelevant.


53549lNagi no Asukara

Episodes: 26

SynopsisLong ago, all humans lived in the ocean. But some who longed for the land abandoned the ocean, casting off the special raiments granted to them by the sea god to adapt them to life under the sea…
Though mankind was divided into sea dwellers and land dwellers, each with different ways of thinking, they were all still fellow humans, and they continued to maintain contact as time went on.
Sakishima Hikari, Mukaido Manaka, Hiradaira Chisaki, and Isaki Kaname live in an undersea village, while Kihara Tsumugu lives on land.
When these middle school second-year land and sea dwellers meet for the first time, their hearts begin to undulate like the tides.
The youthful fantasy tale of these young people’s lives unfolds in a strange and beautiful world.

This spotlight could be replaced by anything made by P.A. Works. Tari Tari; True Tears; Angel Beats; Hanasaku Iroha; RDG: Red Data Girl; the list goes on… And the most common feature among all of the works of this wonderful anime studio is that almost the totality of the anime produced have incredible graphics. Nagi no Asukara, being the most recent, highly budgeted show made by P.A. Works, demonstrates the best graphics I have seen from the studio. The amount of time spent on backgrounds and ridiculously small details improves the art quality to an extent which you would think is very hard to do with the small time given to anime to work on each episode. Add to that a truly heart-warming storyline, and Nagi no Asukara definitely becomes worth the watch from beginning to end.

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Episodes: 13

SynopsisSet in a world where history has taken a slightly different course from the one we’re familiar with, K follows the story of a young boy whose life is caught in a psychic war between seven kings.

Ashinaka High School is known for its unique setting: the entire campus is built on an island. Yashiro Isana, aka Shiro, is having lunch with a cat on one of the school rooftops. After his lunch break, Shiro goes on an errand for his classmate Kukuri to prepare for their upcoming school festival, only to be chased by some intimidating-looking men. 

It is such a shame that such a beautifully animated show turned out so incredibly boring… A show which had enough plot substance for an amazing movie was elongated into a 13 episode series, resulting in incredibly slow scenes and advancement. Taking out this fact, however, leaves you with the most beautiful anime TV series out there so far. The background details, the great character design, and the emphasis put on shadows and reflections all demonstrate the amount of money preferred on aesthetic graphics rather than on having an actually good storyline. Nevertheless, the first few episodes are definitely worth the watch for the eye candy it provides.

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Other Recommendations

1. 5 cm per Seconds
2. Eve no Jikan
3. Any Ghibli movie
4. Chihayafuru
5. Ef: A Tale of Memories

**Thanks to MAL for the summaries and info!**

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