Recorder to Randoseru Mi episode 1 [First Impression]: a new police officer

recorder police

As you can tell, this doesn’t have much of a story. Therefore, no summaries for this; I don’t feel like destroying my brain trying to figure out what to write for a summary.


Well, that was funny.recorder sensei

I don’t know exactly why, but I’ve always fancied this little 3 minute show. We are now reaching the third season, and I’m still not sick of it. I’ll admit that the first season became a drag after seeing Atsushi get arrested by the cops every single episode, but the second season was an improvement on that and got me back to enjoying the show. The plot was minimal, but the jokes were changed up a bit and got me interested once more. recorder power

I was surprised when I heard this was continuing into a third season, but after this first episode I can say I’m pretty happy about it. The show’s length works perfectly with the content of it; you get just enough time to get a few laughs, but not enough to get sick of the show. This first episode worked with that really well, and I laughed just enough.

So, apparently, we now have a new character! She’s a police officer, and I love the way other police officers introduced her to Atsushi: “You’ll see him a lot, so we just thought we’d let you meet him right away.” Yup, that’s quite true indeed. What happened next was also quite entertaining, when Atsushi and his friends tried getting into the arcade. Their teacher’s reaction when Atsushi grabbed her hands was really funny; I’d forgotten about her fear of men and the way she acted around Atsushi all the time, and the gag definitely made me laugh.

recorder stalkerFinally, I’m not expecting much plot out of it (this is a 3-minute show, after all), but I am curious as to who the identity of this mysterious stalker is. Is it an actual stalker? Is it the police officer from before? The teacher? Who knows… Guess we’ll figure that out only later.

Anyways, for those wondering, I will be watching this, and there are great chances I’ll be blogging it as well; I mean, it’s not like the show takes too much time out of me anyways: it’s only 3 minutes long.


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