Recorder to Randoseru episode 10: Time to return the favor

It is white day and Atsushi and Atsumi are getting their hands dirty to give chocolate for just about every girl in town Atsushi is just that damn popular.


ZeroG’s Impression

This episode…not much happened honestly, I found the episode quite boring and even if it is only 3 minutes long, I could have cook something in the microwave and watched it slowly get hotter and turn in it, that would have been a great use for those 3 last minutes.

cop fail (Myst note: Zero fail. That's a teacher, not a cop.)

Instead, I watched Atsushi distribute chocolate to little girl in the streets and he was arrested once again. I mean, that joke was hilarious the first episode, but now it is getting a little lame. And why do the policeman don’t yet remember that poor kid face? he must have been to the police station a dozen time for similar “crime”, one would expect they would get it after so many times.


Anyway, I’m a little disappointed in this show overall, I was expecting more comedy and less boring slice of life story. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go back to my watching of the microwave.


ZeroG signing off


Myst’s Impression

Following Zero on that, I’ll have to admit that I was a bit deceived on this episode too, although not as much, as there were a few things which really made me laugh a lot.

This screenshot, for example.

Aside from those, this episode really was boring and getting repetitive. The only thing I’d like to add in this was that Hina-chan was soooooooo adorable!! I’d like to see a bit of development between her and Atsushi, simply because it’d be really cute and hilarious at the same time, and would replace the “cop concept” that started being overused 6 episodes ago.

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