Recorder to Randoseru episode 7: I Will Always Love You

Time to see a cheesy romance movie! Woohoo, what great timing with all the love and loneliness in the air after February 14.

ZeroG’s Impression

Finally Sayo meets Atsushi and her reaction was exactly what I expected from her. She was mesmerized by Atsushi’s incredible height. I’m not sure she even realize that the guy is a lot younger and that he is absolutely immature, but she probably don’t even care about those silly preoccupations anyway.

And Iiiiiihiyaaaa will always Love youuuuuuuuuuu

I love how the small glimpse of the movie we saw was a cheesier and animu remake of Titanic, no wonder that Atsushi fell asleep if the movie was over 3h long. Also, he might be a little young for the naked scene, but then again I was even younger than him when I saw the movie the first time. But I must admit the one thing I am most surprised about is that Atsushi somehow managed to have over half of his popcorn left 3h into a movie, I have no idea how he managed that feat, I usually empty mine by the time the commercials are over.


This show is so short (no pun intended with Atsumi’s size), I feel like the story stops everything it is about to get interesting, but at the same time it is a good thing the show is only 2 minutes long, since this is about the length of my attention span.


ZeroG signing off


Myst’s Impression

Oh God. As soon as I learned Sayo and Atsushi were going to meet again, I thought for sure this episode was going to be great. To my utmost disappointment, I was horribly deceived. This was boooooring.

Oh Sayo, I have to admit that you look very pretty in this. Unfortunately, the quality of my screencap kinda ruins this...

I can see this episode as being the beginning of a string of really amusing episodes, but this one was way too short, and frankly it did not contain any humour, or barely I didn’t laugh anyways. I mean, we already knew that Sayo liked Atsushi. So what? Okay, they’ve met. I swear, these episodes are way too short.

And so, I shall leave this as a short paragraph, since I have nothing else to ramble about on this episode that was brief and uninteresting.


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