Recorder to Randoseru episode 8: Pedophile Vest and Girl Party

Time for a stroll with some suspicious clothing on !


ZeroG’s Impression

Oh, that episode is the kind of episode I love of Recorder to Randoseru, Atsushi was given some clothes and he had to decide which one to wear. I don’t think any of the clothes were any better than the next. Seriously, who gives a 10 years old a punk suit, an Italian seducer suit and a pedophile jacket? Of course Atsumi was the one to decide which one to wear and of course she believed that having a guy over 6 feet tall wear a pedo jacket to visit a little girl party was the best way to go.

In other news, how come Atsumi is able to bake such a wonderful cake ! I’m two-time her age and I have trouble baking a pizza ! I think she is either a genius…or just a future perfect housewives, we would just have to verify her sandwich making skills.

Now to return on the main subject of Atsushi looking like a reincarnation of Micheal Jackson, there is no way this guy will ever enter a little girl house, there are two type of people you should fear, those with very large grin and that look like a serial killer and those who always smile and look really innocent. If someone is too angry or too happy, there is something wrong with them, run away right now !


ZeroG signing off

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