Red Data Girl episode 1 [First Impression]: prettiness!

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Suzuhara Izumiko is a timid girl who has been sheltered her whole life due to her magical powers. One time where she decides to cut her hair when she wants to prove to her father that she can make her own decisions, she is given a “bodyguard”, Miyuki, who refuses to accept her despite his obligations as “a servant”. (Note: it’s a crappy summary, but the first episode was a bit hard to summarize, to be honest).

She almost looks TOO pathetic...

She almost looks TOO pathetic…


P.S.: I have not watched the pre-airs, since they are simply a bad quality version of the first 3 episodes. Since this is a first impression, I am basing it solely on the first actual episode of the show.

Alright, so this show can go both ways: either it’ll be really good, or it’ll be an atrocity. Seeing the potential of this show, I’m hoping it’ll be something worth while.

As a fan of the studio P.A. Works in general, I must say that in terms of animation I haven’t been deceived at all; this is ridiculously pretty. Just like Tari TariHanasaku IrohaTrue Tears and all the other shows from P.A. Works, it can be watched almost just for the quality of the art. I definitely enjoyed all the bishies in this episode; I’m just hoping they won’t focus the show around pretty guys or I’ll be mad.

although they're hard to ignore, especially this kid :)

although they’re hard to ignore, especially this kid 🙂

Moving on to the storyline, the concept is very original, however very hard to deal with; mixing Slice of Life and Fantasy is a tough thing to do. It’s possible and would be totally awesome if done right, but it’s so easy to mess it up and just become scattered. What the producers would have to do is to make sure to really develop the characters well, without inconsistencies, while still keeping the Fantasy vibe there at least a bit and without going all generic romance on us. It sounds complicated to do, and I’m no anime specialist but I dunno if I’d like to gamble such high stakes with a single episode.

Nice water symbolism here, too.

Nice water symbolism here, too.

I already like Miyuki’s character very much. He has strong opinions and seems to have great potential for improvement, which is awesome since he’ll probably end up being the main guy of the bunch. As for Izumiko, I find her really cool too, and I’m really looking forward to her development form a shy girl who has had everything given to her for her whole life to a mature, confident girl who can do shit by herself; her potential is just as great as Miyuki’s. I also really like how she destroys all computers around her; it’s funny to see people destroy technology, hehehe.

After the lack of story to support Tari Tari’s amazing art, I got a bit disappointed in my favourite studio, however now that they’re back with a new show I really hope they won’t kill this one too. RDG has great potential, however it also could go down the drain since it’s really easy to screw it up. Hopefully I won’t be deceived; put me on the watching list for this one. I will have to let go of the blogging part, however…

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