Rio: Rainbow Gate! Episode 1[First Impression]: O_______O

…Just… just click to read more of this post. There’s no way I’d be able to summarize HOW RETARDED this show is here. Just click.

Alright, so the show starts off with a fanservice scene showing Rio’s panties while she’s wearing them, while a ferret walks on her ass and pulls the blanket. It then changes to a cute little girl (who’s name is Mint) and her grandfather/dad (not sure o:), as they are in the car on their way to Howard resort. The little girl is bored as she walks around the resort, however she hears the name “Goddess of Victory” and as everyone chases after that goddess, Mint wants to meet her and so she chases a ferret, goes into a casino huh? isn’t she a tad underaged to even enter the casino? and finally meets this “Goddess of Victory”, named Rio, a girl with very big and shiny boobs. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention it but Mint is also being stalked by an old pedophile. Anyways, after this encounter with Miss shiny boobs Rio, we learn that she is the one who will be taking care of Mint the guy who smokes scares me O_O while her father/grandfather is busy getting laid having fun at the casino. As Rio and Mint are walking together in a dark alley, they suddenly get attacked by the stalker and his lackeys, and we find out that, in fact he is after Mint’s teddy bear! *gasp*. Rio kicks their asses though while she is in a cute maid outfit, what a coincidence!

O_____O I’m scared.

Suddenly, this turns into a casino challenge between the teddy bear stalker and Rio, and if Rio loses she must take her clothes off …Ok this is becoming pathetic. Rio wears a wedding dress to the challenge …VERY pathetic., then this all turns into some kind of WTFNESS as the 2 contestants enter a virtual world and the “Queen Killer” FAILS MISERABLY I’m amazed at the patheticness of this show. We then learn that the guy is in fact a plushie fanatic and takes them in order to get over his wife. He is comforted by Rio and 2 seconds later Rio’s dress is ripped and we see her panties.

Impression: …Need I say anything? Really? I laughed so much at the ABSOLUTE HORRIDNESS of the show. Then I got angry. Very angry. RAAAAAAGE!!! (Use TM20: Rage)

Alright, first of all, Rio’s boobs are shiny. They SHINE. IT DOESN’T MAKE SENSE!!!! WTF!!!! Heck, even her clothes are shiny. But the boob part messed my brain up O.o.


Then, how the hell does Mint go everywhere without being stopped by a security guard telling her “Dude, 10 year-olds shouldn’t be here”? Moreover, why, WHY does she know how to calculate boob-waist-butt measurements? She’s 10 well, around that age anyways. IT DOESN’T MAKE SENSE. Oh, and then she’s the one who proposes Rio to TAKE HER CLOTHES OFF if she loses? *AHEM* I smell some virtually impossible factors here.

AND WHAT’S WITH THE RETARDED PLOT?!?! He’s going after the TEDDY BEAR because he can’t get over his wife and therefore collects PLUSHIES?!?! AAAAAAAARRRGH MY BRAIN IS MAD AND I CAN’T LET GO OF MY SHIFT KEY ANYMORE -_-.

…So anyways, fanservice, horrible plot and retarded show, I say goodbye to you as you disappear from my sight ASAP. I can’t stand it, if I watch any more episodes of this I’ll throw my laptop out the window.


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