Robotic;Notes episode 19: Friend or Foe?

world in ruin

Finally it is here, the punch line. This show took its sweet time to get here, I was getting impatient, which is quite normal after having waiting this long, but at least something did happen. I was starting to fear nothing would ever happen in this show ever.

gunpro-2 dying

First of, we have the Noah that is implemented into this story, this is awesome. I knew that there would be some kind of reference to Chaos;Head and Steins;Gate in the show, but I never expected something like this. First we have the very foundation of Chaos;Head show up. The Noah is a machine created to make dream a reality and now it seems that the evil organization that work with machine, SERN and other evil organization is ready to overtake the world in some unknown quest for something. This is something I find extremely fishy, suddenly Senomiya is the enemy of the world with Kou, but their goal is absolutely unclear. I can’t believe that any organization what so ever would ever try to wipe out most of the planet just for shit and giggles (unless they are a terrorist group in a Tom Clancy’s Novel) . Even if some dude decide to help Kaito it doesn’t mean he is in the right. You cannot judge who’s trying to save the world and who’s trying to destroy it just yet. For all we know Senomiya is trying to change time in order to avoid a dystopia. I must admit that this theory is unlucky especially considering that SERN is working with her, but who knows !


Another link to a different anime of the same universe is that we now realize that the little girl of Mr.Braun from Steins;Gate is now  a grown up and she is working for JAXA. I never expected someone from Steins;Gate to physically show up in this anime, granted she was a minor character and she still is, but she saved Frau and for that alone she has my eternal gratitude. I never expected to see her again and it is even more awesome that she is such a badass now. She remains me of Suzuha with the way she acts, which kind of make sense considering how Suzuha was really close to her.

Nae Braun

With all those links, I cannot help but be a little excited about the story once again, not because I care about any of the current characters, but because I want to see who else might pop up. Kimijima has appeared and he has showed himself to be now invincible, forever living in the network he created, yet somehow even though he showed up as a villain who manipulated Kaito all along, I just can’t bring myself to think this guy is the real villain here. I just feel like they might very well be working for the greater good and that stopping them will just bring even greater catastrophe to the world. Then again maybe he just manipulated my subconscious really well, he is in control of the Noah after all.

ZeroGhj signing off

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