Robotics; Notes episode 2: Yashio the kind jerk

This show is a little slow to begin, but I guess it is to be expected. Disclaimer: I will reference Steins;Gate a lot to compare this show, since I expect that both shows will work the same way in their storytelling and I expect Robotics; Notes to be just as awesome as Steins;Gate.

The show is really setting us in the mood right now, we are really slowly learning about the characters and their lives and we know something is going to happen in the future, but for now, we are only seeing a bunch of regular (albeit a little particular) duo of students. While one is a hyperactive overoptimistic airhead, the other one is a kind antisocial jerk. Their combination is quite unexpected and while I now understand the reason why Yashio is staying with Senomiya, I still cannot seem to understand why Senomiya would stay with Yashio. The guy is unhelpful in her projects, he never seem to help her unless she won’t notice it and he is kind of a jerk most of the time.

I was kind of surprised to see that Yashio was a bit more than what was prevented of him in the first episode. He might have looked really cold and uninterested in the world in the first episode, but this time around while he appeared the same way at first glance, you could tell that in reality he cared more for people than he cared to admit. I really like those kinds of protagonist, maybe it is because I identify with them more, who knows. Their team might still be made of only 2 people, but you can already smell the stench of friendship and companionship coming from everywhere around them.

On a different topic, I really liked the old crazy rocker who deals the used parts. He is old, looks a little bit insane and he listen to rock so loud that I’m surprised his little shack walls still stands. That old guy might be harsh on his deal, but I really love his spirit. He has the body of an old man and the head of a young metal head. I sure hope we will get to see more from this guy, I don’t expect him to ever make it as a main character, but I would love to see him as a recurring secondary figure.

On a last note, It is kind of shocking to discover that Senomiya has such a terrible disease as the Elephant Mouse Syndrome. She is so energetic and positive that it is difficult to believe that she is the victim of such an annoying and dangerous condition. First of all I wonder how she manage to get any kind of driving license when she is a public danger on the road. At any given time she could have an episode and lose the control of her vehicle and hurt someone else and herself. I really want to know how she cope with that condition and how it affected her in her life.

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