Robotics; Notes episode 3: Robot Wars

Only the third episode and things are already starting to be more interesting, I must admit I did not expect for the action to start so quickly. We are already at the Robo One competition and it went in a flash. I’m a little sad that the competition went by so fast, I must admit that I always love watching robot fight to the death in a pit. Anyone here remembers Robot Wars? that show was absolutely awesome, the Robo One tournament made me feel nostalgic about the good old days when the show still aired. I could have watched an anime version of that, all the rest of the season could have been this kind of fight and I would have loved it.

Yet, I do admit that this show seems to be headed for something a little more grand and awesome. We already have the budget approved which will allowed for the Robotics Club to complete their project, not only that, they actually manage to get the support from the game creator of Kill Balad and now they have Subaru who joined their club after he was blackmailed. Now Frau also seems to have showed up at their school and they are most likely to see her join the team in the near future.

Let’s backtrack a little and look at the intense combat the Tanegashimachine-3S fought to reach the finals of the tournament. The machine itself didn’t look to be any good compared to most of the people they fought, the control is really the central piece that made it possible for them to get there; or, both the controls and the devicer I should say. Yashio is beyond talent in terms of piloting, it may be because of his intense training in Kill-Balad, but somehow I think that there is simply more to it than that. He is just like Okabe Rintarou, he has a special power that differentiate him from everyone else. This time I am uncertain if this power is really a power or only some kind of trauma that follows him for a long time. Is it a blessing or a curse? We still know too little about Yashio and his power to tell for now, but it did help him to nearly secure victory in the Robot One competition.

Now back to the Robo One, the announcer was crazy awesome and so was Subaru, I think the announcer single-handedly made the episode for me this week, he was simply hilarious and so into it. He had more energy than Miss.Energy herself, I think if there was a gauge for how much energy someone has, he would have broken it.

Now we are off to a good start to see their giant robot completed, their team sure has expanded a lot since the first episode and they even have their funding now. We’ll have to see just how long it will take them to complete it.

ZeroGhj signing off

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