Robotics; Notes episode 4: Beaten at his own game

Frau Koujiro is an awesome character, she is beyond geeky. There have been many girl geek in anime in the past, but I had yet to see one who was a geek to this extent. She is so disconnected with the real world and its culture that even a video game addict like Yashio can’t even understand the complete meaning of her sentences.

Meanwhile Yashio and Hidaka are entering a world-wide robot competition which is a follow up to the Robo One. What I find most interesting about this upcoming event, is that Hidaka somehow managed to defeat Yashio in a game of Kill-Balad. yes it took over 20 games for him to do so, but it is still a really good success rate considering how much Yashio plays that game. It was hilarious to see Yashio finally answer someones order and have some kind of respect for anyone. I guess he does live up to his words when he said he would do anyone someone told to him if they managed to beat them at Kill-Balad, he might be distant, a jerk and cold, but he is a man of honour.

Now we have some more background information about Yashio and Senomiya, they were the victim of some really weird mass fainting event on a cruise ship and both of them seems to have inherited a completely opposite disease. Senomiya sometimes has time slow down, she lives 5 minutes as 1, meanwhile Yashio has the completely opposite effect, he sees a minutes last as five. This really sucks for Senomiya since it means that she is slower than anyone else, but for Yashio that’s a power that will let him go really far in life. He was able to dodge nearly impossible to dodge attack in the Robo-One competition and everyone is having big expecting for him because of it. He could easily become a high caliber pilot because of this skill of his, but for some reason he seems to be afraid of it somehow. Does it has secondary effect on him? or is he only ashamed of his power because Senomiya got the short hand of it? His is guilt or is there a legitimate reason why Yashio feels so bad about himself all the time? I guess we will only find out with time.

Meanwhile, we had that random grey-haired girl appear once again this episode, for some reason I have a feeling that her existence might only be virtual. She only appeared when Yashio looked at the world through his device, maybe she is able to time travel only through the use of electrical device and this will be the only way she will appear and communicate with everyone throughout the show? It is difficult to know for sure just yet, but since that girl has the entire outro dedicated to her, I do believe she plays quite the important role in the series.


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