Robotics;Notes episode 10: Monopole


What a revealing episode, I was waiting for the time when something extraordinary would happen and it happened right this episode it seems. There was no way that this team of kid would have done anything extraordinary right now, yes they have a balanced and awesome team, but there was nothing to push them further than no man before. The monopole started raining and anyone can already guess that the use of monopole will be the key to make function such a gigantic and heavy robot as the gunpro-1. If enough monopole start raining down they could make enough energy to power the gunpro-1 and make it into a real anime mecha.


I keep saying the Gunpro-1 when I should say the Gunpro-2, since the first one was a complete failure both in design and result. That thing was so heavy and useless it could barely “walk” and even if it did it would look like shit. from what I saw from the control room of the Gunpro-1 it seems it can only go forward or turn in one direction. How retarded is that? You cannot even decide which side you want to turn to. Good luck making a good impression with that huge piece of junk. I like Subaru’s idea of using a holographic image to show the Gunravel in action instead of having so much piece of useless metal on it, but I feel like they could have simply used some painted cardboard on the chassis and achieve the same result with very little additional weight. It just seems really weak when the only way you have to appreciate the design of something is to look at it through a virtual device. If you are going to create the whole robot in the software, you might as well just leave it as a software and don’t bother building a real robot in the first place.


I must say that I’m not into this show as much as I loved Steins;Gate, the characters simply doesn’t prove that interesting to me yet. Having said that, I’m sure that by episode 12 I will be hooked to the show and the main event that will set things straight will have begun.

Back to the episode itself, especially the very end, I’m really worried of what might happen to Airi. I’m not sure how stupid that A.I is, but if she just blindly follow anyone’s order she might very well self-destruct next episode. I’m also wondering why the hell anyone would want her dead to begin with.

ZeroGhj signing off

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