Robotics;Notes episode 11: Welcome to the NHK


It is all a conspiracy ! I guess we already knew that much, but I just finished watching Welcome to the NHK for the second time not long ago and therefore I feel like conspiracies are everywhere. In the case of Robotics;Notes those conspiracies are not that hard to believe in, especially since there is now video evidence to prove them too. While “proving them” was a bit too much to describe the situation, the leaked final video of Gunvarrel really does gives some serious ground to the conspiracy theorist.

end of the world

After all for unknown reason that final episode was never aired and no reasons were ever given. Now the episode is finally leaked into the web and for some reason the event of the episode perfectly coincide with some crazy theory of some guy who got killed not too long ago. Of course for us it was easy to tell it was true to begin with because we are watching an anime, but now Taichi finally has more evidence that something important is going on and that the little challenge he is doing are giving him information about something he wasn’t supposed to find out about.


Anyhow Taichi has now set the 3rd flag and he is one step closer to unveiling the secret of this huge conspiracy, at least now he knows that he is actually moving towards something and that the flags, even thought they are absolutely ridiculous, are worth the time and effort. What more, he learned that 3 company in the world are currently building robots to accomplish the prophecy of the cataclysmic scenario foretold by the Gunvarrel final episode. He even knows someone who works at one of them. It is really no surprise to learn that Misa is part of some really terrible scheme like that, it was pretty obvious from the beginning that she was involved in something really dark, important and fishy. Now we know that not only was it important, it is also extremely evil and I have no idea what her reason could be to end up in such an organisation. I know she loves robots, but I’m pretty sure that killing mankind was never really her intention. I’m really curious to learn how she got to work for this evil organisation and why she continues to do so. She most likely better have some pretty good reason, I cannot image Senomiya’s older sister to be this cruel.


Frau was absolutely amazing this episode. She is by far my favorite character on this show and she had such awesome facial expressions and she was in the spotlight the whole episode. I seriously cannot complain too much this episode because any episode she can have one of her fangirl remark is one more episode I love of Robotics;Notes. She loves to complain and for a programmer she has quite the imagination. I want a show that revolves entirely around that girl, that would make me a happy man.

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