Robotics;Notes episode 12: Doc and his friendly Robots

doc crying

I don’t remember if it was already said at the beginning how many reports there were, but now we are at the 4th one and I wonder how many more there will be before something finally happens. I absolutely hated this episode and I really want this show to start going somewhere before I lose my tamper.


I had really high hopes for Robotics;Notes, Chaos;Head was alright, Steins;Gate was amazing, there I had the hopes that, while most likely slow, Robotics;Notes would catch up to become a really deep, dramatic and interesting story. Yet we don’t have any of that just yet.


The whole episode focused on Jun, that one girl I absolutely hate and find useless. The moe factor never works on me, that girl is afraid of fucking robots because one…just one robot, one time, fell on her. The girl is scarred and freak out every time she sees one ever since.  Although to her defense  that robot was really freaking creepy. She is not good at anything, she sucks at karate, she can’t work with robot, she is shy and she seems to have no talent what so ever. If a character is to die, I hope she is the one.


Meanwhile her grandfather is absolutely awesome, I wish that Doc will take a greater role in the show I really love him. The guy might be Old and a little mean, but he means well. I was really touched when I saw him cry, when you realize that he sacrificed his old dream, the one thing he used his life for, he’s put it aside out of guilt. He cared so much for his granddaughter that he was able to sacrifice his life’s purpose. I love self sacrifice and I love rock, there I love Doc.

Now we are about halfway done with the show, the characters are really well introduced, the universe too. It is about time something begin to happen, if this show makes me look like a fool to have believed in it so much, I’ll be pissed ! 4 reports have been gathered, Doc is willing to help, JAXA is helping to build the robot, the whole team is there and ready to work on it… I want freaking results and action ! Where is the conspiracy and end of the world going to start?


In other news, there is a new Opening and Ending theme, I must admit that I don’t mind the change, the opening feels the same as the first one, so nothing as been gained or lost there, meanwhile the ending might take some time to get use to, but I don’t consider it bad and I wouldn’t be surprised to find it better than the original one later on when I’ll have had the time to be used to it. Meanwhile, I guess that both will do.

ZeroGhj signing off

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