Robotics;Notes episode 13: Frau past her limit

frau suicide

Finally we have something happening this episode. It took 13 episodes to get here, but at long last here we are, this show can now officially be considered good because I can bet it won’t get down in intensity until the very end at this point. I must admit that I’m glad we got to this point because the show was starting to feel really disappointing. There is a limit on how slow a show can be, especially when the characters are not as awesome as they could be. I love Frau, but everyone else is average at best, so if robots are starting to kill people in the street while there is a black out, I’m all for it.

secret message

The 5th flag as been set, the apocalypse is incoming and the robot will make a revolution to kill us all and conquer the world…sounds fun. The first step as already been here, the first solar flare has hit Tokyo (don’t ask me how it hit only Tokyo and not all of japan, I have no idea) and now Frau is the target of threat because someone hacked her and is using her name as the source of the robot rebellion. I was kind of surprised though that she would resort to cutting herself as a way to get out of this mess. I believed there would have been better alternative but then again, she never was really sane to begin with. She always kept herself shut-in, spent her days and night browsing 2chan to defend her mother and in the end her completely depressing setting couldn’t result in anything else than total despair.

robot rebellion

I’m kind of surprised thought that a computer genius like Frau was hacked so easily. She must have had some kind of protection at the very least, now everyone can use her name and put her in so much trouble. She is this young and manage to build video games and she built A.I, she must be able to protect something as trivial as a twitter account, or at the very least be aware that she was hacked in the first place. At least she realized about it the day it happened and not when the armed forced will show up at her doorstep.

only company

I did say that everything was starting, but it was just that, the beginning, not much happened this episode really. The monopole might be used for motor, but that’s just something we’ll see in future episode, right now, we are still left with a big nothing, but hey, at least something will probably happen next episode !

ZeroGhj signing off

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