Robotics;Notes episode 14: Save the world by playing Video Games !

robot army

The first robot attack that signals the beginning of the apocalypse has occurred ! Or nearly occurred I should say. Such convenience that the way to save the impending apocalypse was to play a game of Kill-Balad ! Because having a real password or firewall to block people from entering the system command was way too easy, they had to make a game instead. The way things are progressing in the show is a little silly to me, things are all way too convenient and the show is supposed to be at least a little serious. I understand that the game was just another attempt by the hacker to frame Frau, but he could have easily made the computer invincible at the end, not just a really hard to defeat opponent.  Why even leave people a chance to counter your grand scheme to destroy the world and take over humanity? This is just silly.

beating the game

anyway, because of this great silliness the robots were stopped by a video game addict and the government was saved, woohoo… I seriously hope that the show won’t be as cheesy as this for the rest of the 8 remaining episode otherwise it is going to be painful to watch. It is kind of silly that the hacker who ordered the robot to fight humans and destroy anything in their path, was defeated by someone who used a biological hack. Kaito pushed himself to the limit, getting naked in front of Frau and having lots of BDSM to achieve the perfect orgasm and therefore be able to beat the game. At least that’s how I saw this episode, and I can’t say that I disliked it at all, Frau is a hot-blooded nerd and I’m all for her having her fantasy fulfilled by Kaito.


This leads me to the major point for me this episode: Frau and Kaito are going into an awfully good directly if you ask me. Frau is the only female character that interest me even a little in Robotics;Notes and therefore I am really glad that she gets to be the one getting more involved with the main character. If I was playing that dating sim I would have followed the same route. The girl is nerdy, slutty and she is a computer maniac, she is just so close to perfection that it blows my mind. Frau x Kaito all the way, I really hope that this is not just a one time thing and that the kiss we witness is just a prelude to some great romance between the two of them, their personalities match so well together and they both need one another, they are meant for each other.


Hopefully in the next few episodes things will get less annoyingly cheesy and the drama will become more dramatic…if that’s a thing.

ZeroGhj signing off

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