Robotics;Notes episode 15: Shutting Down Airi


So, turns out our favorite A.I died this episode, how sad. To be honest, I really couldn’t care less. I can’t say if it is because I’m a heartless bastard or simply because the show didn’t gave us enough chance to become attached to her. I love Sister Centipede for what she is, she is a great help for the main character and their quest to save the world, she doesn’t have a childish personality and she is actually useful in this story. Airi was but a nuisance who wondered around for no reason, I know that we had a cute back story to explain her existence  but I couldn’t care about it at all. So Kijima tried to save a little girl out of good will? Therefore the girl was sent into cryo while an artificial intelligence replaced her. The thing he did for her might seem really heroic and kind from the point of view of the story, but when you think about everyone else who knew that girl, you realize that Kijima basically kidnapped her and sent her into a dangerous, maybe one way, trip to a freezer.

sick airi

Speaking of Kijima, Kaito found 6 reports and now that the 7th and final is finally revealed…he decided not to continue looking for them and he pretty much gave up on the idea of completing the reports it seems. I don’t know why Kaito just went to Kijima’s house and decided to give up on the 7th report. I know that he doesn’t have a clue where that report might be, but still, he is so close to the conclusion of his quest I would expect him to only have that in mind, instead of lazing around. That guy has so little expression and interest in anything it is astounding.

surfer kaito

Meanwhile while the world is coming to an end Frau is busy hacking the weather channel to make Airi happy. Because screwing over with a whole region is no biggy if you are trying to make an artificial intelligence happy. Why bother going to hack the weather channel if instead you can just straight up hack Airi to make her happy. I figure that Frau should have the competence to do so, but I guess complicating your life is cool too.


I must admit that I am extremely disappointed with Robotics;Notes, I had great hope because I absolutely loved Steins;Gate and Chaos:Head was pretty good too. Right now the show takes way to long to get anywhere, we are already 15 episodes in and nothing of importance has happened yet. Even if the ending is absolutely badass there is just no way anyone can go through this much episode without getting absolutely bored and dropping it before anything worthy happens.

ZeroGhj signing off

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