Robotics;Notes episode 16: Sudden Death

Mizuka dies

Hey will you look at that, something finally happened in this episode! Too bad it is…4 episodes too late? Look, I understand that a good build-up is crucial for a great finale, and I don’t doubt that the finale of Robotics;Notes might really be amazing, but I just don’t care much for this show anymore; the fun stuff took way too long and even if they make an awesome ending I highly doubt that there is any chance in hell that It will be worth the 15 boring episodes it took us to get there in the first place.


Another thing that shocks me and disappoints me with the way things are going is that the foreshadowing for the events to happen are simply way too present and “in your face”. It really was no fun to see the robot fall of Subaru considering you could tell it would happen at the very least 4 minutes before it did. It isn’t much more fun that we can already know he didn’t actually die. Why isn’t he dead? First of all, they wouldn’t kill two people at once in a single episode. Subaru didn’t get any cool time on air recently either. Also if he was to die, they would have shown the scene of the robot crushing him, because that would have been way more dramatic. Because of all those reasons, anyone can deduce that Subaru is still alive; in the worst case, he’s disabled in a hospital by now.

crushing reality

Meanwhile, Mizuka was busy foreshadowing her death for ages. The episode begins with an alert that some robotics legs are “malfunctioning”, what I would rather call selective murder. Mizuka knew too much, about Kimijima, about Misaki; she was a loose end and therefore she was executed like one. She was standing next to a cliff without a fence and therefore the outcome was quite predictable. Her death was just as sad as a fly dying in a barn. Yes, I just said I found her death meaningless. I had trouble getting attached to her character and I have a feeling that it is simply after her death that we’ll get to actually know her story and how she is related to everything. Right now all we know is that the only real clue Kaito has to who Kimijima really was is dead and I’m pretty sure he will once again delay obtaining the 7th report because of what he just witnessed.

assisted suicide

We are nearly approaching the end already and over this long ass period of time he didn’t yet managed to get the 7 reports; it is really disappointing. I really wish the show would have been twice as short at the beginning so we didn’t have to wait this long to have something happening. This show could have been so great if it was not for how stupidly long it took for something to finally happen, I’m really saddened by it too.

ZeroGhj signing off

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