Robotics;Notes episode 17: The 7th Report


We witnessed the end of the robotics club this episode and it was so sad, I had tears in my eyes and I couldn’t stop crying because I love everyone in that club and I don’t want them to be apart…that’s what I’d love to say. I never clicked with the characters, not from the very beginning, therefore I could care less that Jun was taking the blame on herself, that Subaru was crushed or that Senomiya wouldn’t be able to fulfil her dream, Those things all seemed absolutely irrelevant to me. I was kind of bummed out when I realize that Frau worked hard on improving her code only to realize it was pointless, but that’s only because Frau is the only character I’m able to relate to in any way what so ever.


Irei died a few days ago and no one seem to give a damn about it, they threw away some perfectly good champagne and looked solemn for a couple minutes, but that’s about it. No one was shocked, no one seemed to give shit to the people who made the robotic legs which malfunctioned  everyone seemed at peace with her death already and it really piss me off. We finally had something happen that was unexpected and dramatic and the show did not take that to its advantage what so ever, it is obstinate to continue working on that stupid robot with everyone cheered up and ready to kill. Meanwhile the evil organization is barely  even touched in the story and Kaito doesn’t even bother doing shit to uncover the truth about it.

7 report

Hell, it took 17 episode for Kaito to finally manage to complete the 7 kijima report and now the info has been spread to everyone on the planet through their Iru-O device. I have no clue why Kijima even bothered having those complex challenge to be completed if its final objective was to release the information to everyone anyways. Why not just release the whole thing automatically instead of having someone go through a lot of hoops and making it so difficult to save the world.


Now what will come out of this report? For some reason I think that the people of the world might very well just take this as a huge scam and not do anything about it. That would be extremely fitting of the overall feel of the show. To have everything put straight into place and having nothing happen seems to be the norm in Robotics;Notes lately. Previously I thought that the show would have taken 16 episodes before something finally happens, but the more time goes the more I feel like I was wrong. In the end nothing might ever happen and this show could easily end up my biggest disappointment of 2013. Hopefully I’m wrong, but this show don’t have long left to change my mind.

wine wasting

ZeroGhj signing off

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