Robotics;Notes episode 18: Robotic Expo


Finally we are seeing that damn robot expo after so long, it just took a little over 18 episodes before we got to see it and for their lame as hell and out of date concept robot made it to the exposition. Their robot was lame, their expo was lame, even Big Boy from the sugar sweets company seemed to regret the total lack of impact his investment had on the crowd. Hell, not only did the robot lack generating interest, people actually hated it for being the center of a murder case. It actually made bad press for the company and I have no idea why the guy didn’t pull out of that project much earlier to cut out his loss.


Talking of pulling out, Kaito and Senomiya slept in the same hotel room together, they even had an all nighter and somehow we are supposed to believe that nothing ever happened. Look, Kaito might act like a completely stoic rock all the time, but he sure as hell is a man from what I’ve gathered of his anatomy from the past 18 episodes. There is no one a guy would not try something with his childhood friend in a situation like this. I’m not talking about raping her either here, but he could have at least tried his luck. This show is based after a dating sim after all therefore I expect that even though the main character is excessively boring there is some chance he would choose at least one road before the end of the show.


Now back to the “story”. Senomiya finally saw her sister again…I guess. Seriously it seems that just about every character in this show is so stupidly boring to watch. Misaki never said a single word, she never has any expression, she never does anything, she only stare and say a meaningless phrase from time to time just to make sure we are even more annoyed at her. I don’t even care about the “cliffhanger” that happened at the end of this episode. Misaki can die, Aki can die, everyone can stay alive…I just don’t give a fuck anymore. Misaki might have the answer to everything and she might even be the only one who can still make this show awesome by revealing the whole truth about everything, but her character is so meaningless and boring right now that I wouldn’t be surprised if she never got a chance to have any more background and evolution to her character. Meanwhile Aki is a stupidly annoying kid who deserves to die. She is useless and she is just as annoying as Fred. Meanwhile Kaito can’t die anyways since he is the main character and he is the only character worth a damn in this cast (if we disregard Frau). It really goes to show the quality of the character when the dense and emotionless guy is the most interesting of the bunch. I just want this show to be over already, I went through 18 episode, I just got to actually finish it, but god this is awfully disappointing.

ZeroGhj signing off

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