Robotics;Notes episode 20: Back to the Gunpro-1

under the rain

Well here we go, now we understand just about everything. We know why Misaki acts this way, we know who the evil mastermind behind everything is and we know how the show will end. The only thing we still have to discover is the reason why Kimijima is doing all this, because it sure as hell isn’t just for fun.

wench killing with a wrench

I must admit that while I thought the end of Robotics;Notes might become good enough for me to forget part of the failure the show was up until now, I slowly realize that the more things go, the less likely this show will ever redeem itself. We had 15 episodes that were absolutely pointless in the show, now the story has caught up again, yet while the story is really good, the execution of the story is mediocre at best. This episode every moment that were meant to be epic were absolutely lame instead. When Akiho had her speech about how the robot of justice would save the world, she didn’t sound heroic and I did not follow her thought for a single process. The only thing I kept thinking when this scene was going on was that I hoped Kimijima would shoot her already. I have no idea why he didn’t, maybe he has no power after all in the real world, I don’t know, only thing I can say for sure is that I hate Akiho way more than him and I wouldn’t shed a single tear if she died.

shoot her please

Meanwhile at the end of the episode the entire island came together to help them finish the robot, yet the more you think about it, the more you realize how stupid that scene was. Essentially everyone in the world is about to die soon and only a handful of people have the power to stop the organization responsible for it. Now they get the help of a school and an organization and they suddenly feel like the whole world is working with them. Sorry to disappoint guys but I would expect the whole island and whole country to help you out if anyone is going to help at all. I also cannot stress enough how lame it was to see everyone show up this way, there really was nothing exciting this episode if you forget about the Super Parrot or the unnecessary plane crash landing. Look Mitchie, I know you never were really good at landing, but a 5 years old would know that you have to get the wheels out first.

crash landing

Overall I am completely disappointed in this show and I am eager to see it end. I’ve watched it long enough that I’ll finish it. But this show is boring nonetheless.

ZeroGhj signing off

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