Robotics;Notes episode 21: Super Gunpro-1

super gunpro-1

We have now arrived at the scene we were promised at the very beginning of the show. I must say that everything this episode had the potential to be quite epic, but it only manage to do it halfway for me. It just seems like Kai’s choice in women is a little weird, I can’t say I was surprise by his choice, the show made it pretty clear that Senomiya was the center of attention, she is just as important as Kaito in the story (even though she is absolutely annoying) and she was the first female character introduce AND they are childhood friends. Now, I’m just sad that they gave Frau such great highlight throughout the show and that Kaito was getting much closer to her until halfway through and now she was ditch just like that. June and Subaru never got any romance thing highlighted and to be honest no one even considered their feelings even once since one of them keep its feeling all to himself while the other one is over emotional and scared of everything.

route chosen

On a non-romantic note, I must admit that the launch of the Super Gunpro-1 (what a retarded name) was quite epic and impressive, but it wasn’t as great as it could have been since we already knew that scene was coming and we also already saw it. Now Kaito will be risking his life to save the planet, even if he doesn’t seem to care about the weight on his shoulder and he would much rather just do it to look badass and because he wants to find Misa again.

kaito shocked

I was pleased to see this episode that the police was responding to the threat of Misa and that it wouldn’t just be a bunch of 17 years old that would save the world. I was also pleased to see that the whole world eventually catches up to the scheme and they were not dumb enough to believe everything that was fed to them in term of information. Even if it really ends up in the hand of 17 years old to save the day, at least the rest of the world did woke up and tried to stop Misa, even if they failed.


Now I’m just really confused why Kimijima ever tried to do this crazy project to begin with. From what we could gather this episode it seems that the Kimijima we see today is but a program without any emotions and the original was much more sensible. Yet the guy still had this great project that would mean the death of 5 billion people over the globe. He must have a pretty darn good reason for that project because otherwise it doesn’t fit his personality at all. There are still a couple episode left of Robotics;Notes, it isn’t close to be over yet, so I wonder what kind of twist the show will try to pull on us. I just hope the twist will be any good because right now it feels like I can smell the plot twist from miles away and it doesn’t sound that interesting. I guess we will see in due time.

ZeroGhj signing off.

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