Robotics;Notes episode 22 [Final] : Look at all this Bullshit

I'm the enemy and I'm a huge dick

I’m the enemy and I’m a huge dick

Wait, it is already the last episode? I thought there would be two more episodes after this one. Not a bad thing I guess, this show was so disappointing to the very end. It seems that there is still so many plot holes and things left unexplained. I still have no idea what Kimijima’s motive was and that guy was actually more interesting than everyone else in the show. I also have trouble understanding what the ark was supposed to be used for when it was given to Kaito, it seems that everything he did was use Iru-O for everything and real illusion were completely unnecessary.


This episode was especially lame for a final episode, I was expecting some real conclusion, for everything in the plot, I was hoping to see some awesome robot battle and some dramatic events, but instead all I got was a lousy robot. Just look at it, that robot was barely able to reach 10 km/h, Misa saw it coming from miles away and even after that it took it minutes to close the gap on the runway. I don’t even understand why they put Kaito in there, you could have put my grandma there and it wouldn’t have mattered, that robot was so slow it shouldn’t be able to dodge an incoming tectonic plate. How the hell did he manage to dodge those attack is beyond me. I don’t know if they realize that a mechanical robot won’t move any faster even if you are extremely fast with a controller, this is not how robotic works.


Meanwhile the fact that Kaito didn’t die or went into the hospital or something after being struck by his slowmo 3 times in a row is really boring. How much more dramatic would have things be if he died shortly after revealing his love to Akiho?  That would have made a complete difference between me loving this show and me hating on it completely. I might just be an old anime lover that cannot stand lovy-dovey show anymore, but I’ve seen so many anime, I’m always hoping for something that will manage to impress me and go beyond what I’d imagine. Psycho-Pass and Shinsekai Yori were both in the same batch with Robotics;Notes, but the other two are actually good, whereas Robotics;Notes is a complete waste of anyone’s time. Chaos;Head was an above average show, Steins;Gate was a masterpiece and now this show is sub par at best. The only fun I ever had when watching it was when some reference to Chaos;Head and Steins;Gate were made. I must declare this show a failure and so was this episode.

final result

Have you guys even seen how lame the death of Kimijima Kou was? Look first of all when you launch a virus, there is no big virtual bomb that will kill a virtual guy, secondly if it was indeed meant to kill Kimijima Kou he would have disappeared instantly, he wouldn’t have simply had 3 minutes of slow death like he had. There was just too much bullshit for me this episode, I’m out of it.

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